The picturesque alpine resorts high above sea level, nestled in the stunning mountain ranges of Europe, aren’t just a skier’s Mecca.

Sweet Lie or Bitter Truth

If you're given a chance to choose in a situation which involves knowing a lie and truth, would you be happy to hear the sweetness of a lie or choose to get hurt as long as you're hearing the truth?

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) a.k.a Traitor In Action

TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack is a sudden onset of a focal neurologic symptom and/or sign lasting less than 24 hours.

When You Played The Music

Your music is very nice, very nice. However, I don't know when will it stay nice.I don't know when will it stay as a music to my ears.

Zabadani Cafe In Layers and More

Zabadani Cafe offers Layered Coffee, Soda and Milk Tea and whole lot more. Great place, great food.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Burning 600 Calories in 4 Minutes; Ideal For Super Busy People

Ever wished to burn as much calories as you can but doesn't have the luxury of time? Worry no more because at this moment you will be learning a simple workout routine that would only require a small portion of your rare vacant time. 

I happened to learn this routine when I attended the special visit of the MILO-APEX team in the city to conduct a 2-days running clinic program for free. The group is being lead by Pinoy Biggest Loser coach Jim Saret and his wife coach Tonette "Toni" Dimaguila-Saret; coach Vincent "Vince" Buenaventura and coach Madel Galvez. I learned a lot during the training and was amazed that I was able to finish the hard core challenge. If you happen to visit Davao City's People's Park, then you will have an idea how big is its running track. It isn't that large though but for an amateur runner like me, completing two laps would be very hard. How much more if the entire lap would be divided into four posts wherein you will do an exercise before continuing your run. The exercises (JUMPING JACK, SQUAT, PUSH UP and LUNGES) on each post with one of the coaches. Each exercises will have 21 counts on the first lap, 15 counts on the second and 9 counts on the last one. For advance runners, they will have an additional lap with 5 counts on each exercises.

Accordingly, the entire activity is similar to running a 10k mileage but within a lesser amount of time. I wasn't able to take note of my time though but for the record, I wasn't able to finish a 10k run in my entire amateur running career. The entire activity focused on the proper way of running and avoiding unnecessary muscle injuries. 

Now for the much awaited workout that allows you to burn 600 calories in the span of 4 minutes, you just have to remember 4 basic exercises; JUMPING JACK, SQUAT, PUSH UP and LUNGES. You just have to do all these exercises at 10 counts each, for the lunges it would be 10 counts on each leg and have as many cycles as you can in 4 minutes. Aim at least 4-5 cycles to burn as many calories as you can. Trust me it isn't that easy. 

As of this writing, I can only finish two cycles but I'm trying my best to increase the cycle little by little. It was totally an unforgettable experience. It was a once in lifetime opportunity to learn those things from them and I'm very thankful I was able to take part of it. 

Running is fun, thus the term FUN RUN, but it should also come along with proper or healthy way of running thus making it FUN and HEALTHY RUN. -niceurdaneta-

Struggling With Words

Dear You,

Yes, you. This letter is definitely for you. Right now I'm struggling with words, because to be honest, I really don't know what to say. It's been hours of clicking F5 and hoping that the small red Facebook notification would not be another game invites that I used to receive. I'm hoping that this time around it would be something worth opening. However, I even can't define what's worth opening nor knowing where will this post lead to. This is just another rare moment of wanting to shout out a lot of things but can't find the right words for it. This post is getting pointless. So I'd better end it up. 

Struggling with words, 


Friday, September 14, 2012

Importance of Computer Literacy

We are now living in the digital age and knowing how to use the computer is already a necessity. Almost every transaction is being done using a computer that even schools are using the device to teach their lessons.

Computers were basically invented to compute thus the name. However, over the period of time, computer also evolved into something awesome and can already perform logical tasks and a lot more complex things. Partnered with an internet connection, almost all questions in the world can already be answered by a computer.

 That’s why, it is very important to know to how to use one. Basic computer programs are being taught in school and are being offered as a short course program for those who are no longer in their school age years. It aims to teach the basic knowledge on how to utilize a computer properly and appropriately.

For a household having their own computer at home, learning how to use it won’t be that difficult. Most of the young people in the family or the children can teach their parents or anyone who didn’t have the chance to learn it during their younger years. Good thing computer classes are already included in today’s curriculum ensuring that the latest generation of students are already computer literate.

If no one in the family can teach it, then better enroll yourself in one of the best computer schools to keep up with the fast paced world. It not too late to start after all.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) a.k.a. Traitor in Action

Nearly two years ago at about 10pm in the evening, I received a call from my pop (dad). He sounded very anxious and scared. It was an emergency call for my mom. My pop informed me that she suddenly lost her consciousness. She is known to be hypertensive for quite some time and admittedly not that religious to her maintenance medications.

I calmed down my pop and instructed him to bring mom to the nearest hospital so that her condition would be monitored. Indeed her blood pressure was horribly high at that time. When I get to talk to my cousin-in-law who was also there when she collapsed, she insisted that she really saw my mom jerked or had seizure. By that information alone, I can already sense that there is something wrong going on in her brain.

I hurried to the hospital and talked to her doctor. He said that my mom is now stable and told me that she only had a hypoglycemic attack because according to the laboratory results her blood sugar is very low. During her first night, she can't seem to sleep and keeps on slapping her left cheek, she said she can't feel anything on her left arm up to her left cheek. When I went near her, I observed that her left pupil is dilated, and when I checked her right eye it was on it's normal size. I immediately pressed the emergency buzzer and called the attention of the nurses on duty.

My mom's face appeared asymmetrical and can no longer talk properly. The resident doctor on duty arrived in the room and ordered some emergency medications. Since then, I wasn't able to sleep. There has been a lot things running inside my mind. The situation wasn't just a simple hyoglycemic attack because there is no way it can lead into scenarios like those. It's TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or STROKE! I'm 100% sure on that and she should be transferred to a bigger hospital if that's the case. If it isn't going to be treated immediately, worst things would surely happen.

TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack is a sudden onset of a focal neurologic symptom and/or sign lasting less than 24 hours, presumably brought on by a transient decrease in blood supply, which rendered the brain ischemic in the area producing the symptom. In layman's term, there has been a part of our brain that has been receiving a less amount of blood causing a disruption on its assigned function.

When I told the doctor that my mom had a seizure before she collapsed, he also agreed to my theory that she indeed is having TIA. He ordered for a CT Scan but unfortunately the hospital that we were in didn't have it. I decided right then there to transfer my mom to the city and admitted her in a bigger hospital wherein all that she needs can be provided.

I admit it caused us a lot of money but I didn't care. The fact that we were able to save my mom from being totally physically disabled was already a great blessing. 

Since then, we had been very conscious in her diet and she has been religious in her maintenance medications. However, at this time that I thought everything is going fine, I received another emergency phone call. This time, it's not a "loss-of-consciousness" scenario but a different situation. My pop told me that my mom can no longer talk which is like her tongue isn't moving. Oh my! it's another TIA, I'm 100% sure of it for the second time. Indeed my feeling is correct. Another TIA and another scary situation for us. Good thing we were able to detect the symptoms early and was able to bring her to the hospital for treatment. 

She's now out of danger but anytime this traitor disease will get back on us. For the second time around, we should tighten our defenses. Medications should be followed religiously and diet should be in moderation. -niceurdaneta-

Monday, September 3, 2012

Finding An Amazing Mediterranean Cruise

If you are hoping to see and experience some of the many varied delights of the Mediterranean this year then a cruise holiday is perhaps the best way to go about it. You can book yourself on-board any number of fantastic ships and sail around some of the most beautiful coastlines to be found anywhere in Europe or the world.

The really good news though is that there is no shortage and even a relative abundance of bargains available on quality Mediterranean cruise holiday packages from fully reputable and reliable tour providers. So you could soon be seeing that sun-drenched corner of the Med you had in mind with more money to spend than you'd imagined. A little online research should enable you to turn up some significantly discounted deals on quality cruises from the likes of P&O, Celebrity, Thomson Cruises and others.

And if you're quick enough with your online research and your decision-making, and you have the requisite flexibility, then there's every chance you'll find cruise deals to suit your needs on the basis of a last minute package. The nature of the last minute offers made available vary but they could help you save some significant sums and cruise ships tend only to check out the most impressive coastal areas of the regions they visit. And there is always likely to be an enormous amount available on-board to keep you more than occupied and suitably entertained during the length of your stay.

There are packages to the Mediterranean on offer right now, as there are to more far-flung parts of the world from the Caribbean to the Galapagos and from Asia to Australasia. The list of possible destinations with cruise holidays is in fact virtually endless and any combination of family members, couples, individuals or groups of friends can be easily accommodated at any time of the year.