The picturesque alpine resorts high above sea level, nestled in the stunning mountain ranges of Europe, aren’t just a skier’s Mecca.

Sweet Lie or Bitter Truth

If you're given a chance to choose in a situation which involves knowing a lie and truth, would you be happy to hear the sweetness of a lie or choose to get hurt as long as you're hearing the truth?

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) a.k.a Traitor In Action

TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack is a sudden onset of a focal neurologic symptom and/or sign lasting less than 24 hours.

When You Played The Music

Your music is very nice, very nice. However, I don't know when will it stay nice.I don't know when will it stay as a music to my ears.

Zabadani Cafe In Layers and More

Zabadani Cafe offers Layered Coffee, Soda and Milk Tea and whole lot more. Great place, great food.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remembering 2011; A Year Ender Sharing

I can say that my entire 2011 was amazingly a blast. I came to realize that I was able to survive the whole year unemployed. Yes, I'm a year old bum but it doesn't mean I didn't earn, though not that much but I earned enough.

Unlike 2010 that was entirely full of surprises, my 2011 happened to be a resting year for me. Everything were almost predictable and manageable. I enjoyed the convenience of owning my time thus giving me the chance to do whatever is exciting. My 2011 has been a salad of different emotions, achievements, failures and whole lot more. I learned a lot this year, even things that were beyond what I studied from school. 

Here is a list of the things that happened as far as I can remember:

  • started updating this blog more often
  • learned the basics of the complex html commands
  • cleaned my Facebook friends list from strangers yet added 38 more
  • changed my city address twice
  • betrayed by a supposedly relative
  • expected a job abroad but didn't happen
  • learned a way to have free internet connection
  • considered Google as my lifetime partner
  • became a trying hard techie
  • spent most of my earnings to food trips
  • visited food establishments more than a hundred times
  • procrastinated several times
  • said goodbye to a dear friend
  • stayed single but bombarded with love-life related issues (friends')
  • appreciated middle-eastern cuisine
  • avoided pork meals 
  • had a closer relationship with the Lord

I don't usually make new year's resolution as I believe that if things are bound to happen it will surely happen, whether you planned to do it or not. I'm hoping for another fruitful 2012a amidst the rumors of Armageddon. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Three Smile-Keteers

Let me introduce to you the three smile-keteers, ^___^; ^^ and :)

  • ^___^ - a smiley that has been smiling amidst life's greatest problems. It makes sure that everyone around is happy. It has the capability to make everyone feel okay even though it isn't. I can say that among the three it is the most self-less smiley. This smiley is overwhelmingly intelligent but never admits it. It is a very helpful smiley too. On the context of faith, this smiley is somewhat on the rocks but with constant reminder and follow-up, this smiley can easily get back on track. I'm calling it BUBBLY SMILEY

  • ^^ - the smiley that I can rarely see. It's appearance is very precious. This smiley is very hard to please and got a strong personality. Intelligence is also outpouring in this smiley and it doesn't need to brag it because it shows in its words. It can stand long talks and will not allow you to win at any cost. A competitive strong willed and family oriented smiley. I'm calling it HARD-TO-PLEASE SMILEY

  • :) - among the three, this smiley is the oldest but still got the childish acts. Its intelligence is far beyond measure and among them, it the most mysterious. This smiley has strong religious conviction and living by its faith. I dont know that much of this smiley yet but there is this certain urge to get to know it more. I'm calling it MYSTERIOUS SMILEY

The three smile-keteers, BUBBLY; HARD-TO-PLEASE and MYSTERIOUS

Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's All Help The Victims Of Sendong, We Can Do A Lot

It was Friday, December 16, 2011 when I woke up early to prepare to meet friends. I thought it was just an ordinary drizzling day. Since I promised to meet them, I fought the tempting desire of going back to sleep.

I was all geared up with my jacket and umbrella when I checked my social networking sites for the latest news. That's the time that I was able to find out that my location, Davao City, is under signal no. 2 of a coming storm named Sendong. We rarely experience such horrible and devastating calamities (praise to the Lord for that!) but it doesn't mean we're exempted.

We hopped from one place to another until we stayed in one of the shopping malls to eat lunch. My battery drained so fast that I wasn't able to check on the latest weather update.

When I arrived home, I was so shocked that the storm already caused a lot of damage to the neighboring cities, Cagayan De Oro and Iligan. When I checked Facebook, a lot were already sharing horrible pictures of the victims and their devastated places.

Through social media, a lot of private groups and NGO's (non-goverment organizations) immediately organized relief goods operations to help out. The secretary of DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) Dinky Soliman (@dinkysunflower) has been tweeting useful information and has been asking everyone to help.

Philippine Red Cross came up with a unique way of accepting donations by using mobile phone load credits. 

For Globe subscribers:

via SMS, c/o Red Cross – text RED and send to 2899 – valid donation amounts are P5, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 (For ex, RED 10). Transaction is free.

via GCASH, text DONATE and send to 2882

For Smart subscribers:
via SMS, c/o Red Cross – text RED and send to 4143 – valid donation amounts are P10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000 (For ex, RED 10).

LBC, one of the nation's private courier services is also offering free delivery of donations of any kind in all its branches nationwide.

Major TV networks, GMA, ABS-CBN and TV5 also had their own campaigns. Some families of the nearby cities collected, packed and delivered their own relief goods for the victims. 

One of the local Halal Food establishments in Davao City, Zabadani Cafe is also having their own #helpcdo and #helpiligan campaign. Just visit their official Facebook group for more information.

The help is flowing overwhelmingly. Just choose any of these numerous ways to extend your helping hand. We can't just feel sorry for what happened, we should do something. Social media is around for the needed information. 

More than these relief goods, the victims badly need our prayers during this very dark time. -niceurdaneta-

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Found The Secret

Dear Nice,

There is more than enough for everything, no limits, no boundaries. Ask, answer, receive. All you need to do is to apply the law of attraction.Attract the things that you want. If you want a new car then visualize yourself driving your new car. If you want that high paying nursing job, then visualize yourself having one. Everything will be given as long as you're asking for it.

Your happiness would always depend on you and not on somebody else. Define your own happiness, claim it, live for it and everything will just fall into place. It would feel good if you want to feel good.

That's the secret.

Living happily,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Missing You So Badly

Dear You,

It's been quite a while since I last saw you in your scrub suit. I so miss the times seeing you so busy walking back and forth in the Emergency Room taking care of sick people. I so miss the times seeing you accompanying your ever strict medical director doing her rounds and carrying out all her orders with confidence.

I so miss the times seeing you start that IV line so fast and administer IV medicines. I so miss the times seeing you preparing all the medicines for your patients. I so miss the times seeing you writing legibly in the patients' chart. I so miss the times seeing you endorsing every end of the shift. I so miss the times seeing you enjoying your duty with your colleagues along with the unending story telling of anything under the sun. I so miss the times seeing you exhausted after the day's work yet very fulfilled. 

When would be the time I would be seeing that angel in the sickroom again? I hope it would be very soon. :( 

Missing you so badly,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interestingly Scary

Dear You,

I find you interesting but there is something in your personality that scares me and I don't know why. Maybe I'm just too overwhelmed that someone like you exists.Or maybe it's just my first time to know someone from your group.

Things are happening so fast and I know a lot more of it are coming.

I'm honestly scared at the same time excited.

Stay kindhearted.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

LIVING NICE Chapter One: First Inspiration

Let the setting of the story be rewinded few years back.

A little girl was all set to attend her first ever school day. Everything’s new: shoes, uniform, bag, pencils, notebooks, crayons and lot of kiddie school stuff that a typical kindergarten student would have. Her favorite among her school things was that grayish, rectangular paper pad with red and blue lines on it. It was where she learned how to draw that first straight line, not so perfect circle, the crooked big and small letters of the ABC as well as 123. The basics that she learned amazingly fast. Maybe she’s gifted or maybe she’s just motivated, no one knows.

One day her teacher told them to memorize the first ten numbers for an oral recitation test the next day. She’s excited as usual and even forced her mom to let her memorize not only the first ten numbers but the first hundred. She just can’t wait for the sun to rise the next day and be in school for the oral recitation.

“One, two, three, four... eight, nine, ten!”, she said pronouncing every word properly infront of her amazed classmates and teacher. Then they applauded, but wait, she’s not finish yet as she continued reciting. “Eleven, twelve, thirteen... twenty!” she said proudly. “Wow!, very good, very good, you may now take your seat, you are very good,” her teacher said to politely stop her.

She’s proud of herself, and even at the back of her mind she continued counting up to the hundredth without even bothering to listen to her other classmates’ recitation.

The entire school year was all about her having perfect scores in almost all subjects. She used to get the highest rank every Honors’ Day holding her father’s hand up the stage to get her Honors’ Card. Not until one day, her “yaya” (nanny) told her that in the coming Honors’ Day, she won't be having the first rank. With her eyes wide open, heart pounding so fast and tears starting to fall from her eyes, at the back of her mind she said “no! it couldn’t be! What did I do?”. Her nanny continued to tease her and when they arrived home her talkative nanny shared the sad news to her parents. 

She can clearly see the upset look of her father and her mother approached her. Before her mom could say anything, she started crying. Her mom calmed her down and told her that she should avoid watching TV during the night because that might have caused the decrease in her grades.

That night she couldn’t sleep. She’s clearly hurt and continued crying and was not even excited for the Honors’ Day the next day. She’s too shy to get the second rank card and she knows that the audience would be whispering at that moment against her.

Honors’ Day came and everyone’s ready for the event, her talkative nanny was also attending at her dismay. The top five students of the academic period would be given recognition during Honors’ Day and for the first time, she noticed every detail of the event. During the previous Honors’ Day, her mind usually focused on that moment that her name would be called to get the first rank and nothing more. She usually ignore the other students who will be getting the other award because she simply didn’t care. However, on that particular Honors’ day, she observed each and every student up on stage and the boy who went up to get the third rank caught her attention. He’s accompanied by his mom and his eyes was sparkling with so much joy. Sincere happiness was all over his aura and it seems that his rank wasn’t that much of an issue to him. 

A certain feeling of guilt covered her entire self that time thinking about what she’s feeling. The boy on the third rank was very happy while she's hating herself for getting the second rank. The boy’s happiness and attitude on that day has become her inspiration since then. That failure that her nanny had been ranting to her everyday had become a blessing in disguise instead. Because of that failure, she learned to humble herself and accept that sometimes you’re not always on top.

From then on, she was able to notice her classmates and pays attention whenever they share something in front. She continued to study hard and even finished her kindergarten with the highest rank. Of course she can’t foget that 3rd rank boy on stage with positive aura as he ramained to be her inspiration.

Now she’s confident enough that wherever elementary school she will be placed, she can survive the pressure. With her parents’ support and that inspiration that she had during her kindergarten years is more than enough for her.

Up Next: Chapter Two: The Intelligent Crowd -niceurdaneta-

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Socially Empowered Individuals Can Do A Lot; Social Media For Social Change by Move.PH

Everything started because of my eagerness to see and get to hear one of my favorite journalists, Maria Ressa, speak live. She's one of the speakers for 'Baha! Kitay Bahala' part of "Social Media for Social Change" campaign of Move.PH. The event happened yesterday at the auditorium of Ateneo De Davao University.

At first, my main goal for attending the event is just to hear Ressa speak, later did I know that her co-speakers are equally empowered just like her. I arrived at the venue earlier than most of the crowd because I want to sit as near the speakers are as possible. 

Few minutes later, students from different schools started to fill in the venue while I stayed in my seat patiently. I prepared all the necessary gadgets that I need. Not that much though because I only have a digital camera for candid pictures and my Blackberry to update everything in my social networking sites. I promised some of the friends who can't make it in the event that I would be sharing everything in real time. And that's what you call pressure! Thanks to technology. I also brought my laptop with me so that I can blog everything immediately which I failed to do because I got overwhelmed of the entire event afterwards. Good thing ADDU has campus-wide wifi and being online is not problem.

The event started with a minute of silence for the Maguindanao massacre followed by introduction of speakers by Gail Ilagan of Move.PH. First to step on the stage is Patricia Evangelista, she's part of Move.PH and according to my debater/ADDU professor Philip Garlitos, Patricia represented our country during the 2004 International Public Speaking Contest held in London wherein she bagged the highest award. Her topic is about telling stories and how can these stories change lives. She presented a video clip of her interview with "Agua Bendita" a.k.a Andi Eigenmann and Andi's story. It silenced the crowd and at the back of mind I keep on saying "Oo nga naman..." (yeah *nod... nod*). What I've learned in her topic is that each of us has our own story and if we're not going to tell it, someone else will and it might be in a version that we don't like. Patricia ended her part by encouraging everyone to tell their story and be heard.

Next up on stage was Ateneo's Fr. Dan McNamara,S.J. who talked about "Understanding Floods and Disasters". Basically he imparted the scientific side of the series of floods that we are experiencing right now and in the future. Davao City just had a fair share of a deadly flood in Matina Pangi few months ago. In my entire stay in Davao City, that was the first time I've heard the city facing that kind of calamity. A day after that, me and my friends helped the people in DSWD-Davao packed relief goods for the victims. Some of my friends who lived in the area told me that their entire family stayed at the second floor of their house and that everything in the first floor were under the brown water. Local news keeps on updating everyone and unfortunately there were quite a number of people who lost not only their houses but their loved ones as well, 31 people to be exact.

Following Fr. McNamara is Pepito Capili of Davao City Central 911. He tackled about the effective disaster response of the unit. He presented several analysis on how the flood happened and how will the unit face it the next time it will touch down the city. He also made mention that since Dabawenyos were not used to these situations, it is very hard to convince them to follow stat orders. He ended his topic by saying "We (911) are prepared, how about you?".

In line with the topic of Disaster Management, Chay Hofileña of Move.PH took the microphone and imparted her topic in the midst of the interested audience. She shared about using Social Media for Disaster Management and Reporting. She said that there are approximately 26.8 million Filipinos on Facebook and we ranked 8th globally in terms of Twitter users, the very reason why Move.PH is in Twitter and Facebook. 

During times of disaster these social networking sites would be the most reliable source of information that we could have. It updates on real time, provided of course that internet connection is present in the place, and it brings more trust from friends and family. It has wider reach and even cheaper than texting and calling as well. She also highlighted the utilization of hashtags and tweetdeck to have a more organized view of tweets. 
(I'm so proud because Hofileña mentioned in the middle of her topic that Davao City is the only city with a functional 911.)

Next up on stage is the multimedia journalist Ayee Macaraig to share the fun and challenge of being a multimedia reporter. She's basically from Davao City that's why she can relate to the audience more than anyone else. She keeps on switching languages (Tagalog and Bisaya) and even had a "Miriam Quiambao-Moment" (slipped and gracefully stood up) while sharing her topic. Being a multimedia reporter is doing a job of many people. She said that you're alone most of the time and all that you have is your amazing iPhone, tripod and a backpack containing your laptop. She also added that you may not have the quality of gadgets that your co-media men have during an exclusive moment, above everyone else, you've got the speed. Still you are using the skills of traditional journalists but this time you're faster. I call it giving the news through on the spot Twittering and Facebooking =)

Last person on the podium is definitely not the least. Maria Ressa's speech is the one I've been longing to hear. I believed that in my previous post, I was able to present her very well. Her topic is about Social Media For Social Change and she started it by presenting three quotable quotes about choosing FRIENDS. 

She shared about the importance of choosing our circle of friends because eventually, they're the ones who will be used to know who we are. She imparted the Three Degrees Of Influence Rule which is about the capacity of social networks to transmit ideas, emotions and subliminal signal that influence behavior up to the third degree. "Everything we say or do ripples through our social network, affecting our friends, friends' friends and our friends' friends' friends," she added. Then she talked about Crowd-Sourcing along with its 4 criteria; Diversity of Opinion, Independence, Decentralization and Aggregation. 

Towards the end, she summed up the placement of Move.PH by showing a diagram of three interconnected circles. The circles are professional journalism, the wisdom of crowds and the rich media. Move.PH is right at the middle, as the combination of the three. 

Being socially empowered is very challenging yet very fulfilling. There is no need to become professional journalists to be one, because through our own little ways we can impart information by just being socially active. Instead of just sharing what you feel or what you're currently eating in your social networking sites, why not share something useful or informative. All we have to do is to be sensitive and observant.

Hearing And Meeting Maria Ressa Live; For The First Time

Who would have thought that by simply checking my social networking accounts (Facebook and Twitter), would lead me to an event of seeing one of the best renowned journalists of Southeast Asia, Maria Ressa.

For those who are not familiar with her, here's a brief background from Wikipedia:

She is a Filipino journalist who worked for Cable News Network (CNN) as Manila Bureau Chief from 1988–1995 and as Jakarta Bureau Chief from 1995-2005. As CNN’s lead investigative reporter in Asia, she specialized in investigating terrorist networks including videotape coverage of what experts believed to be Osama bin Laden’s private videotape collection in Afghanistan. Ressa also spent six years in ABS-CBN (2004-2010) as head of the News and Current Affairs. She is now an author-in-residence at The International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research (ICPVTR) of Nanyang Technological University's S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore.

I first saw her in a local news and right at that moment I was fascinated with the way she speaks. Soft, clear, elite-sounding and very convincing that anyone would really stick their eyes on TV and listen. Well, that's exactly what happened to me. From then on, I became curious of who she is and finally decided to include her in my "A moment with..." photo collection. It is just a dream collection of great people who I want to have a picture with if given a chance.

One of my college friends shared a link in Facebook which is an article entitled, 'Maria Ressa: Courage makes a woman sexy' 10 Things You Should Know About Maria Ressa by Bianca Gonzales in philstar.com. After reading it, I checked Maria Ressa's twitter account just to find out her reactions for the article. Then I noticed one her RT'd (Retweeted) tweets mentioned my place (Davao) and suddenly my heart started to beat fast when I discovered that she's going to have a speech in Ateneo De Davao University for the Move.PH organization entitled "Baha! Kami Bahala, Social Media for Social Change". 

The super excited "ME" did all the research to confirm the event. Then I came across Move.Ph's Facebook account and asked for details including the fee that I need to pay to witness the event. They immediately replied and said that I would be very welcome to attend and that the event is for FREE (a yehey for that!).

I immediately cancelled all my appointments the next day and prepared for it. I strongly believed that a camera would be necessary. Though I can use my phone to take pictures and immediately upload it my Facebook and Twitter accounts, it could drain my battery that fast. So I saved my phone for Twittering and Facebooking and just borrowed a digital camera from my friend.

I arrived at the venue early and was able to have a seat right at the back of Maria Ressa! Isn't that great?! =)

The entire event was very amazing, I've learned a lot not only from Maria Ressa but from the rest of the speakers as well. 

There would be a separate post for the event so that I can clearly share what I learned from each of the speakers. -niceurdaneta-

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Happiness Of Being PR1

I know for some legendary bloggers out there, my happiness is purely nothing but for an amateur blogger like me who started from scratch, being able to discover that your blog's page rank finally reached the first level is truly a moment of a lifetime.

I can purely say that I'm a writer and not a blogger by heart. For me, all bloggers are writers but not all writers are bloggers. I'm just so glad that I finally discovered how to become both. I have a lot of blogger friends and seeing their blogs online influenced me to have one too. Of course it isn't just a simple article writing that I used to do in Microsoft Word before. It would also involve a little bit of web designing and understanding the confusing world of HTML for your widgets/gadgets. Well, thank you for the existence of www.blogspot.com for the ready-to-use templates. Thank you as well to Google, that has been always there to answer my ever confused mind. 

It has been always my dream to have my own domain but it's just that I honestly don't know how it works. As of now, I'm enjoying this free blog that I have wherein I can post anything that I want. Frankly speaking, I also don't know what will this PR do to your blog in general. Accordingly, the higher your PR, the more popular your blog is. Google.com is PR 10, however, I just discovered recently that their rank dropped to 9 but still their rank is high. If that's the case then my blog is not that popular yet. I really don't care about it anyway because my purpose in blogging is not to become popular in the first place. I just want to have a space in the world wide web wherein I can place and keep my write-ups.

I've been googling what is this PR thing all about but found some PR checker sites instead. Out of curiosity, I checked my status. Most of the time I get a zero(0) rank results but now, I'm surprised that finally my blog reached the first level yehey! :) -niceurdaneta-

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For Your Grieving Heart

Dear You,

God will definitely show you the way to smiling again. I know this experience will change you forever. Just remember all the good times you shared with your father and all the love he gave you throughout the years. He is not gone. He will live in your heart forever.

Your strength inspires me. I know the loss of your father is not easy to deal with. But the way your are handling it and helping your family is truly amazing.Your father would be so proud of the person you have become.

I will always be here for you. *hugs*

Your friend,

Friday, October 7, 2011

Join The BC Bloggers Community

Hurray! BC Bloggers is finally here! The best way to fill in your blog rolls and be linked to numerous blog sites ever. This is going to be fun and exciting.

It may take a lot of time blog hopping and leaving comments to a lot of blogs and yet you don't get a follow in return. But of you're in the BC Bloggers Community you'll have the full guarantee to be followed and famous.

What are you waiting for? Join the community now and be known! Just simply click that picture on the left and that would be the start of your cool blogging life ever!. Let's all join together and let the whole world know our existence! 

This is place wherein bloggers live to the motto of "We don’t have to beg for links." Do your part and hit that keyboard to join this awesome community.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs Now Rests In Peace

I'm certainly not an Apple fan but it's not an excuse of not knowing who's behind its phenomenal achievements, STEVE JOBS. He co-founded the company and introduced to the world several of today's most sought after gadgets.

Getting to know Apple products never came into my mind since my techy savvy friend gave me an iPod shuffle as a Christmas gift 3 years ago with my name engraved on it. That was the time that I came to know iTunes and started to google about Apple products. To be honest, my shuffle is the only Apple gadget that I have because no matter how fascinated I am to have a Macintosh computer or a MacBook , I just can't afford it. iPhone on the other hand would be great to have but I'm in a country wherein data charges are bit expensive, so I just can't utilize it fully.

When I entered news writing, I followed several social networking accounts of technology related sites and Steve Jobs is one of their most reported personalities and his announcements have been followed most of the time. He has become a figure in the world of technology and was even given a star in the Entrepreneur Walk of Fame.

Some even collected a number of his quotable quotes and my favorite is the following:

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do," - Steve Jobs

I may not be an Apple product fan but I can say that I'm a Steve Jobs' fan. I was able to follow his works in the company and he amazed me when he gave up his position as CEO last August. His position in the company is not that easy to give up but he sincerely gave it up because he knew very well he is no longer effective with his health conditions. A man who knows when to stop is a man of great discipline. He spent his entire able-life producing wonderful things not for himself but for everyone to enjoy. He has influenced a lot of people in this world and he would truly be missed. To Steve Jobs--> May you rest in peace :) 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alone And Can't Fight Back

The past few days is a bit tough and exhausting. Only the four corners of my new room could tell what exactly happened to me. If only my pillows got wet indicators, it would have been glowing this time. They (my pillows) just absorbed the liters of tears from my eyes when I tried my very best to sleep and just forget the pain that I'm feeling.

I've been blamed several times in my life in various instances but I was able to surpass all of them. This is most painful blame that I ever had. I'm just trying to keep my temper because I know the moment i'll stood up against it, worst things can happen. 

I'm used to be alone but never in my entire life I felt this kind of loneliness. I've been asking myself several times what exactly happened and hoping that maybe I would be able to prove all their blames right. However, when I tried to look back, all I can see is a teenager who has been dreaming to become a nurse who was just asking her parents to help her become one. I know very well the financial capacity of my parents and during that time I have an educational plan to help them out.

Things just happen and I don't think it's my fault for the educational plan to fail. Since then, me going to school having nursing as my course has become a burden and later on become the family's misery.

Being seen as a product of a failed decision is one of the most painful things that could ever happen in your life and sad thing about it is that you can't fight back. How could you ever fight back if you know exactly that you would be hurting a sick person that you love so dearly. If anything bad happens, it would be a greater blame for sure.

My friends may be seeing me as the tough person who can stand against life's trials. A strong and driven individual who can immediately find solutions. They just don't know that I'm also good at hiding things.

I maybe hurt this time but still I remained hopeful and thankful it happened. Hopeful in the sense that this thing shall pass and everything would be alright in God's time. Thankful because all these time, the Lord has been with me and I know He has given me these trials for me to value the gift of family. I know it is also His way of keeping me on His side. -niceurdaneta-

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Well but of course, my title isn't me but one of the appetizing lines of the recently shown Star Cinema movie "No Other Woman" which stars the country's most beautiful individuals (Cristine Reyes, Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay).

No storm could ever stopped the viewers to queue to cinemas who are all clearly excited and curious on the how the movie would turn out to be. Its trailer is all but arrgh!(nakakagigil kumbaga) just can't find the right terms to describe it! 

I don't usually write anything about movies nor watch local films but this one's worth noting and watching. It has emphasized how lines can intensify scenes without even raising their voices. I would like to commend whoever the script writer is. Of course, the casting is well done as they all portrayed the roles effectively. They've just proven that aside from great looks they've got pure talent as well. 

In as much as I can remember, here are the fabulous lines and dialogues from the movie:
Cristine Reyes: Charmaine Escaler
Anne Curtis: Kara Zalderiaga
Derek Ramsay: Ram Escaler
Carmi Martin: Charmaine's mom

"Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village.
Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters."

- Charmaine to Kara

Mababaliw siguro ako kung malaman kong may babae siya. Baka mapatay ko yung kabit, silang dalawa actually.
- Charmaine to Kara while having dinner with Ram

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Pero sa ganda mong iyan, siguradong marami kang alam na shortcuts.
- Charmaine to Kara while having dinner with Ram

You like nice things no? – Charmaine to Kara
Yeah. They’re my guilty pleasures. But I really don’t feel guilty ‘cause I deserve them. -Kara to Charmaine

Why don’t you have dinner with us tonight, pa thank you ko na rin dahil kinuha mo ang asawa ko.
-Charmaine to Kara
I’m sorry? -Kara to Charmaine
Bilang supplier ng furniture para sa resort niyo. -Charmaine to Kara

Are you here to make a scene??? - Kara to Charmaine
Only if you have an affair with my husband, meron ba??? - Charmaine to Kara

Is there anything I can do to help you? -Kara to Charmaine
Naku wag na! Baka makita mo pa nilalagyan ko yung pagkain mo ng lason! -Charmaine to Kara

Just shut up and kiss me. And don’t you dare fall in love with me.
- Kara to Ram

You will only be called a mistress when there’s an emotional attachment. I’m not a mistress. I never was and I never will be one.
- Kara to Ram

Paano mo naman malalaman na masarap pala pag di mo titikman?
Kahit alam mong bawal, labanan mo cos' eventually your body will just get used to it.

-Kara to Ram

We’re just two consenting adults having fun, there’s no emotional attachment.
-Kara to Ram

You can call me whatever you want,SNAKE, BITCH or OTHER WOMAN, but I promise you,
I will never be a PATHETIC and BORING housewife.

- Kara to Charmaine

Anong gagawin niyo if the only man that you love is unfortunately married! I'm not gonna give up Ram without putting up a god damn fight!
- Kara

Every day I’m trying to convince myself na mamahalin din nya ako, pero sayo pa din sya umuuwi.
- Kara to Charmaine


Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher, maagawan ka, lumaban ka!
- mom (Carmi Martin) to Charmaine

Panahon na para i-pack-up ‘yang si Lucy Torres mo. Ilabas mo na diyan si Gretchen Barretto. Sabi nga niya sa Magkaribal, 'You want war? I'll give you war.' Anak, ako na ang bahala sa red stiletto mo!
-mom (Carmi Martin) to Charmaine

Naku. Ganyan talaga kapag galing sa makating dikya, nagmamarka.
-mom (Carmi Martin) referring to Ram's kiss mark

Kung ahas siya mas ahas ako! Tahimik pero kapag kinanti – nanunuklaw.
-mom (Carmi Martin)

Ano bang mas madaling kalaban, yung p*tang mahirap o yung p*tang mayaman? – Charmaine to mom
Pare-parehong p*ta lang iyon! Yung p*tang mayaman, original ang Hermes. Yung mahirap, binili sa Greenhills. – mom (Carmi Martin) to Charmaine

-nice urdaneta

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Letter For My Friend

Dear You,

Hi, hello... how are you? How's life? These are the usual phrases that you would most likely say to a friend whom you haven't seen for so long and obviously I'm saying those phrases to you now. I can't barely remember when was the last time we saw each other in person, and I also can't remember a time that I was able to greet you up front. It would always be either through our cellphones or through the social networking sites... 

You're one of those friends that I treasure the most... One of the best that I have so far. As long as my health allows me, I would always be waiting for the clock to strike 12AM every 12th of September to greet you... We may have different time zones in the near future but I'll see to it that I could greet on time. 

This is not going to be a very long letter because all I want to say to you is HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you're well and everything's going fine in your life now. I wish you genuine happiness always... stay kind, God fearing and down to earth... again Happy Birthday to you!

Your friend,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Good Bye Not Yet

Dear You,

I really don't know how to start this letter. I'll just paste a song lyrics instead. 

you say it would be better 
if we stopped seeing each other 
if you had only met me first 
when you were free 
'cause now you've got commitment 
i should not expect things from you 
that you can't give to me 
oh, but baby, can't you see 

i can't say goodbye to you 
no matter how i tried 
you're such a part of me 
without you, i would die 
deep, in the heart of me 
i know that you and i 
were meant to be be together 
i can't tell you goodbye 

neither of us planned 
that we would fall in love this way 
but since we did 
why should we be apart 
sometimes, some things happen 
that can never be explained 
now, it's too late for me 
i've already given you my heart 

i can't say goodbye to you 
no matter how i tried 
you're such a part of me 
without you, i would die 
deep, in the heart of me 
i know that you and i 
were meant to be be together 
i can't tell you goodbye 

who knows why we choose 
when we choose the ones we love 
who knows why we do the things 
we do when we're in love 
i know that you're a decent man 
and you try to do what's best 
but how can i forget 
all the feelings we have shared 
i can't say goodbye to you 
no matter how i tried 
you're such a part of me 
without you, i would die 
deep, in the heart of me 
i know that you and i 
were meant to be be together 
i can't tell you goodbye (you and i were meant to be, forever) 
can't tell you goodbye........

Title: I Cant Say Goodbye To You
Artist: Helen Reddy 
Source: lyricsdepot.com 

Will Be Missing You, 


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Living The Life Of A Techy

Techy people often have their gadgets with them 24/7. They just can't resist a single hour without these things. A common gadget among these people is a computer, may it be a desktop, laptop or a notebook perhaps. They just differ in brands but nevertheless, this gadget is of great help to them. They would play their favorite games in here, edit their pictures, download their songs and movies and a whole lot more.

Techy people could bring out the computer's best potential in their techy life if it has an internet connection. If they don't stay at home with their dial-up, dsl or broadband connection, you often see them staying in hot spots (WiFi) areas like coffee shops and some restaurants just to be online. Being online allows a techy person to keep up with the latest trends in technology or anything new in this world depending on what interests them most. They can also shop their gadgets through online shopping which often give them great deals.

Another gadget that a techy person would probably have is a gaming console. Xbox, PlayStation and the like. I can't write something about it because I'm simply not into it. Then we have music players. I often see them having iPods in their pockets with headsets in their ears while facing their laptops. They are music lover techies.

Next up would be cameras. Digital Slr's are very popular nowadays and techies often use it to capture the beauty of their newly acquired gadgets, important moments and a lot more. You often see these photography-lover techies on every festivals, blogging events or simply outside taking pictures. They also have their own photo blogs where they showcase their best pictures taken.

Lastly, a techie would always have a fine cellphone. Smartphones are the most popular ones which allow these techies to be online wherever they go. With today's latest technology, these smartphones can already have those things mentioned above in one. It can be used for browsing the internet, take pictures play games and listen to music.

If you're a techy person and reading this, I bet you're smiling right now and at the back of your mind you're saying, "Definitely True!". I'm a true-blooded techy too. I have my mp3's headset in my ears right now playing my favorite music while I'm facing my laptop with 30 tabs opened in my browser. My smartphone is also attached in my laptop which is on the process of syncing my latest pictures taken from a street festival that I attended few weeks ago.

iPod Shuffle (3rd Gen), Smart Bro Modem and NEO Basic 1340N, Blackberry Bold 9700. If I have these things, then you can leave me alone. All I need is a fine camera. -niceurdaneta-

Friday, September 2, 2011

Zabadani Cafe In Layers And More

This is not the first time that I blogged about Zabadani Cafe. It is one of my favorite places in the city and whenever something new comes out I would definitely be sharing it.

Aside from the relaxing ambiance, the place is also serving spectacularly delicious dishes.Their menu mostly offer Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Pinoy taste. In addition to that, their drinks are also one of a kind. When we (Filipinos) eat out, most of the time we partner our main dish with a cold drink aside from water. Zabadani Cafe is just the right place to have it all together. They basically have the "drinks trio" (an invented term of mine). These are coffee, soda and tea.

Let's start with the coffee. In the city of Davao, coffee shops are all over the place but mind you, their coffee drinks taste all the same. They just differ in their container I guess *wink*. However, Zabdani Cafe's coffee drinks are all but unique to all of them as it comes in layers coined as Layered Coffee. It is actually the first product that they offer when they opened as an internet cafe/coffee shop sometime in 2008. This amazing way of serving coffee is the first of its kind. According to what has been written in edgedavao.net, Wadilkhaery W. Mutia, or simply Glen, the owner of the place believes that it is not available anywhere else in the country. "We're the only one producing layered coffee in this part of the globe, and we are glad that we have developed our own niche," he said.

Here is an example of the Layered Coffee (Layered Mochachino)

Now let's talk about the soda. Among the 'drinks trio', soda is the most popular one. Having this drink together with any meal will give us that strange yet satisfying feeling of being full. It is popularly known as cola in our country. In most cases it is being served in cans or in bottles. However, in the Zabadani Cafe, these soda drinks are placed inside a tall glass. Of course, the twist would always be there as the soda drink, just like the coffee, comes in layers. Layered Soda, as they what they call it. Just imagine your soda combined with your favorite "berry" flavors (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and a whole lot more). You can have this very drink in Zabadani Cafe.

Here is an example: Layered Soda (Strawberry Apple)

And let's welcome the newest member of the Layered family, the Layered Bubble Milk Tea. It is yet another breakthrough of the cafe. According to its description in their Facebook Page, this Layered Bubble Milk Tea is an intense combination of premium black tea from Europe, creamy milk and gummy tapioca. Well of course next to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, the very reason I believe why it should be included in the Layered family of Zabadani Cafe. 

Here it is: Layered Bubble Milk Tea

I've tasted their 'drinks trio' and all are equally yummy most especially the Layered Bubble Milk Tea. I believe I'm one of those who tasted it first as it happened to be my prize for winning the fill-in-the-blanks contest that they had for the Eid ul-Fitr, Shukran!. Zabadani Cafe is a Halal Food Establishment by the way... 

These delicious drinks only occupy a portion of their huge menu booklet indicating that the cafe has more to offer. Simply visit the place and you'll know what I'm talking about =). Zabadani Cafe is located in Ponciano Street, Davao City at the back of the University of Mindanao, Bolton Campus.

Note: All photos are courtesy of Zabadani Cafe's Facebook Page.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Killing The Hope Off

Dear You

I just want to get straight to the point. Up to this time I'm still hoping that someday there could be us. I don't know, maybe among the very few people whom I believe I felt that love exists, you are the only one who remained not committed in a bond sealed by law and the Creator as of this time. However, I know that in a year and a few months you will be. Until that time comes, this hope will remain as it is. Though as the time comes near, I'd be killing it off slowly.

On the other hand, I'm also thinking that it would just give me a lot of pain if I'd do it slowly. Why not kill it as early as today? But how? Up to this time we are still updating ourselves (though in a different way) but you still exists in my system. You even stole the only moment I can call mine in this world, my very birthday. Every time it arrives, it would always remind me how you made it very special among my other birthdays. I hope someday that that very special moment would be covered with a more special one. 

You keep on presenting me great things in the world and telling that this life got amazing ways to live with. You even influenced me to develop interest in the world you're living even though it is way way far from what I'm educated to do. Every now and then you're sharing to me what you recently discovered having that confidence that I would be also liking it. Yes, whatever it is, I would be liking it not because it's likable but because you like it in the first place. I would like whatever you like. I would try to learn whatever you learned. I would be very willing to transform myself into someone whom you can relate with. 

Maybe it is my way of loving someone. I'm willing to sacrifice my own identity for the comfort of my other half. But then it is not healthy, it is definitely not the proper way of strengthening the foundation of the relationship because it is very one sided. Who knows the proper way anyway? After all, the bottom line of this thing is to live harmoniously with each other. 

My ID keeps on saying to me to grab what I want, demand the what I believe to make me happy but my EGO is telling me to stop. It is unrealistic and it is not possible to have it this time. This could drive me crazy you know?

I know it is not going to be easy, but I need to come up with a decision now. A firm decision that would mean no turning back. It is the time in my life that would be giving myself the credit of making my own happiness. It may sound selfish but it is my way of getting myself again, whom I've lost for quite some time already. 

I should have a time frame on my own and i'll make it sure that you won't be having a hard time dealing with it. Up to the last minute I'm still thinking of you reacting to it. But it doesn't matter, I know you could carry on. You've lived a life in your own way and losing me is just losing a very small part of your grand life.

I'm hoping for the best to come. I hope that someday, we would be able to see each other again with our own and happy lives. We'll stay friends that's for sure. I would always be living on what you've said, "we are friends,since birth 'til death". I guess that would conclude everything, we will be friends, and it will stay that way.

However, there would be changes, we'll stay as friends but this time without the communication nor the updating-each-other concept.

Sooner or later, you will just notice that the communication has been cut totally. Don't worry, this blog will always be present and will forever be here. If you want to know where I am and what I'm up to? Just check this blog every now and then and you'll be answered. My personal emails would always be there as well but sad to say that email you made for me for our business and safe-to-communicate-by-using-this-email transactions, will soon vanish. I want you to know that you can always open it 'coz I didn't change the password since you gave it to me.

I hope in your day-to-day blog walking you would be able to find this post. I'm not expecting it to be sooner but I'm hoping that sometime in your life you would be able to read it.

Saying goodbye,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Emoness and Loneliness In One

Sigh... sigh... sigh... All I can say is sigh... I can't even explain this lonely feeling that I'm feeling right now. I feel so alone. I'm used to be alone though but this time it's different. I can't even feel my existence. Maybe I'm tired of fitting myself in or I'm just tired of adjusting.I want to be me again. I'm not an OFW yet but the feeling of knowing no one around sinks within me. I can't move freely that I'm even watching every word I speak, every action I do, everything is being calculated and I so hate it. I want to be in a place that I can be myself in as much as I can. I know it sounds impossible but that's the very thing that I want right now. When will that damn thing I'm waiting in vain to arrive? Oh Lord please help me.

I don't care if this post is so nonsense for you but this is my only way of letting this hard feeling out. In as much as want to make this post long but I guess the entirety of this post will be about me feeling lonely and disregarded. That's all. I'm going back to work and I hope the succeeding days would be a lot better. T.T

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Letter For My GrandMother

Dear Nanay,

It's been a while since I last cared an elderly patient in the hospital and it deeply saddened me that I would be taking care of you in such setting. You may not be able to remember how I cared for you the other day or perhaps sooner or later you won't be able to remember even my name, I want you know that I love you very much.

As I watched you sleep the other night, I can't keep myself from smiling as I remember those days that you accompanied me up the stage to place my medal during recognition day. "One proud 'Lola'", the words I often hear from the audience when we go back to our seats from the stage. Then I can also remember those days that I would accompany you doing groceries. You would allow me to get whatever I want. 

Well, those were the days as they say. Now, you can't even walk that much even from your bedroom to your toilet. Sad thing I would be able to see you like that.

Always remember nay that you would always have a nurse-grandchild who will take care of you in whatever way she can do. I won't mind cleaning all your mess and lengthening my patience just for you. I would always be praying for your health and would always be hoping that we could still spend time together.

Loving you,
Granchild, RN

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let's All Vote For Shamcey Supsup

I know that most us are hooked into our social networking sites right now and we spend so much time facing our laptop/PC online. May we all unite this time to vote for our very own Shamcey Supsup for the up coming Miss Universe pageant in Brazil. The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has come up with a new way of putting a candidate automatically into the semi finals and that is through online voting. According to the organization, this would be the first time since the pageant started 60 years ago. Whoever wins in the online voting contest will have a secured spot in the semi finals. 

This is our chance to prove to the rest of the world that we can make it happen. Let's all unite and vote for Shamcey Supsup. Though Shamcey already got the beauty and brains to be included in the semis, we should also consider that she will be competing globally wherein all the other contestants are also equipped with such assets. If we can give have her that spot automatically then why not give it to her, right? ABS-CBN and The Araneta Center already had this "I Vote for Philippines, I Vote for Shamcey" campaign to support her.

According to the letter of Kristen Spirko, MUO Public Relations Coordinator to the national directors, "Fans residing in represented countries will be able to vote online at www.missuniverse.com or www.NBC.com starting on Friday, August 19, 2011 at 4 p.m. ET through Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 6 p.m. ET." That would be August 20, 2011 4:00 am Philippine time and September 12, 2011 6:00 am respectively. We could vote up to 10 times for each email per day. 

Here is the step by step process on how to vote which I got from showbizrenegade.com

3. Look for Philippines
4. Click VOTE
5. Type in your email address.
6. Entry the Captcha code
7. Confirm that you are 16 years old and above and the box below it as well 
5. Give Miss Philippines (Shamcey Supsup) a "10" ranking (1 is the lowest rank while 10 is the highest)
6. A successful message will then be displayed on your computer screens.

or simply click here and follow the steps mentioned above. Remember 10 votes per email per day. If you have numerous emails use them all then. Please spread the news...

Let's all give Shamcey the "10" ranking that she deserves folks! 


Monday, August 15, 2011

Letters For You; Getting To Know What Is This All About

The idea of having this portion in my blog started when I came across the blog of my friend Hencel. She had this one post entitled "A LETTER FOR MY EX-BOYFRIEND" and I find the post very appealing. She showed me a unique way of letting someone know what you truly feel without compromising the identity of the person. I guess having these posts will allow me to send messages to a person whom until now, I don't have the courage to tell my feelings face to face. 

We can't just simply share what we are feeling to our friends or love ones. There are instances that the only person whom we're comfortable to share it with, is our only self. Blogging is my other self and it has been my companion every time I'm online.

I know that all the posts in this portion of my blog can be viewed by anyone. But I'm pretty sure that only those who truly know me could ever understand its contents. And of course, if the reader is sensitive enough, he/she would be to know that he/she is the recipient of the letter.

Basically the posts on this portion of my blog would have the letter type format. It would start with "Dear You" and end with but not limited to LOVE/Sincerely yours/Respectfully Yours/Missing You, ME.

This is my way of reviving the snail mails that we used to have in the past. I find those things more sincere and heartfelt but due to the advancement of technology, these snail mails are rarely sent. Almost everyone have cellphones, laptops and internet connection these days and conveying messaging has never been difficult.

I hope the recipients of my letters would be able to read their mails. Rest assured that I won't be spilling any of their personal and private information in my posts. I'm just not sure how are they going to find it. They might be non-techy people but I guess it's alright because the main purpose of my letters is purely sharing my feelings in such a way that I believed to be the most sincere and heartfelt. I won't really care if that particular person would be able to discover my blog or this portion in particular. What matters to me is that somewhere in the world wide web, I was able to share my feelings.


Joining Nemo; My First Scuba Diving Experience

I don't know why it took me two (2) years to blog about my first and hopefully not my last SCUBA Diving experience. The idea of blogging about it popped out when one of my friend Naprey posted his scuba pics. All of a sudden I began to think about what happened that day. For a non-swimmer like me, being able to surpass that challenge was such an achievement. Anxiety began to encapsulate my entire self the time that my friends started the plan. Two of us in the group don't know how to swim that's why I was confident enough that she's going to suggest another getaway other than Scuba Diving but I was wrong! Among all of us she's the most excited! grrr! 

Anyway, since no one opposed the Scuba Diving plan, I had no choice but to face it. As far as I can remember, we paid Php750 each that time for a 45-minute underwater exploration with underwater pictures. There was also a package which includes your meal but I couldn't remember how much and I also don't know if they still have it this time. What we had was just an "intro-dive" and we had our own diving instructor/guide as we explore the beauty underwater.

We went to their office as early as 7:00am. I'm very sorry but I just can't remember the name of diving company and I don't want to give wrong information here. All I remember was that it is located right after Magsaysay Park on the block going to the Sta. Ana Wharf. I'm pretty sure they are still there up to this time. We will be travelling by a small boat locally known as "latsa (lancha)" as we go to the diving site. Since we were only 9 in the group, we joined the other small groups in the trip. As you can see, we were in all smiles but deep inside, very anxious of what might happen later.

(Sheng, Johnny, Digs, Me)

(Egon, Ate Pao, James)
(Cristal and Rhyz)

Then someone from our diving instructors started the orientation on our way to the diving site. He said that we are going to dive in the Angel Cove. Well, whatever was that place, I didn't care because I'm waiting for him to say that diving is safe for non-swimmers. That's the very thing that bothers me all along. If in case he will mention that you need to know how to swim before you can dive, then I would be very willing to stay in the boat, eat our food and take pictures. However, as to my astonishment, he mentioned the phrase right before he started discussing what SCUBA Diving is all about. "NON-SWIMMERS CAN DEFINITELY DIVE". My eyes grew larger and my heart beat faster, so I'm not exempted at all. He also mentioned the meaning of SCUBA which is self contained underwater breathing apparatus. He's referring to the tank and all those tubes that comes with it. It will provide the air that the diver will need underwater. He also said that we need to hydrate ourselves in as much as we can because our throat would definitely be dried up afterwards.  Such thing will happen because we will be using our mouth to breathe in and breathe out. In short, we can't moisten our mouth with our saliva. Try to do it and you would know what I'm talking about. Then he gave us the Do's and Don'ts and the important hand signals that we will be using underwater. Of course we can't chitchat down there or else we would all be filling ourselves with sea water.

And that's it, everything's all set. We put on our wet suit and off we go.

All of a sudden I panicked, the tank was very heavy and I don't know how will I get into the water. Will I jump or what?! Help! Then those men assisting me said I should imagine myself having a big step. Wooo! and that was arghh! I thought I'm going deep down because of the heavy tank on my back but I'm still floating. Well, along with the tubes, the tank comes with a certain vest that can be inflated as your life jacket. My diving instructor went near me and gave me last minute instructions, we even practiced the breathe in breathe out using our mouth for the last time. Then he asked me if I'm ready to go down, because the moment I'll say yes, he will deflate the vest and we'll start sinking. He adjusted some sort of meters in my tank and we went down. I almost forgot that I had my goggles on because at first I was closing my eyes. When I opened it, wow! so this is the world of Ariel (Little Mermaid). Now I'm wondering where's Nemo... Then my instructor checked me if I'm okay, I replied with the "okay" hand signal (tip of the thumb to the tip of the pointing finger making a circle). And we went deeper, the pressure in my ear is now getting higher and it's getting painful, we were taught beforehand that when this happens, we just have to "equalize" (pinch our nose and then exhale hard while keeping the mouth shut).

Now I'm seeing the beautiful coral reefs

(Me and my diving instructor)

and there's NEMO!

Sheng and her dive instructor

and the picture taking continues...

and that's it, what a very nice experience. Although this thing happened two years ago, I can still feel the excitement by just merely thinking about it. I suddenly want to try it again with the hope to have the same group of friends with me. 

Tiring but fulfilling, no wonder after the trip I slept the entire afternoon.