The picturesque alpine resorts high above sea level, nestled in the stunning mountain ranges of Europe, aren’t just a skier’s Mecca.

Sweet Lie or Bitter Truth

If you're given a chance to choose in a situation which involves knowing a lie and truth, would you be happy to hear the sweetness of a lie or choose to get hurt as long as you're hearing the truth?

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) a.k.a Traitor In Action

TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack is a sudden onset of a focal neurologic symptom and/or sign lasting less than 24 hours.

When You Played The Music

Your music is very nice, very nice. However, I don't know when will it stay nice.I don't know when will it stay as a music to my ears.

Zabadani Cafe In Layers and More

Zabadani Cafe offers Layered Coffee, Soda and Milk Tea and whole lot more. Great place, great food.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Remembering My 2010 As I Look Forward For my 2011

My 2010 has been filled with the extremes of life. In this very year, I was able to exprerience so much happiness as well as sadness. Nevertheless, I was able to learn a lot of important lessons in life.

This year, I was able to have my best birthday ever. Even though I wasn’t able to celebrate it with my family, my loving and true friends made it worth remembering. I also received the best birthday gift ever and that is the feeling of being valued more than any amount of money that you could imagine.

This year, I was able to purchase my Laptop computer with my hard earned money. This gadget has been my partner in times of boredom. Together with the internet connection, my loving laptop has been the instrument of allowing me to cope with the expensive demands of the city.

This year, I was able to prove who among the number of people that I know are my true friends. They are the one who stood by me during the time that I need them the most. I need not to mention their names in here because I’ve already included in my life and they know exactly who they are.

This year, I felt the great love of the Lord at all times. He may have given me challenges but all of those were bearable. He has never foresaken me even though at so many times I ignored Him.  I’m very thankful for all the blessings including the challenges that He has given.

Few days from now would be another year and I’m excited  to face it. I’m looking forward for a more challenging life and I’m confident that I could face it with the Lord’s help.

He has never forsaken me all throughout my 2010 and it is just rightful to payback not only this coming year but through my entire life.

I’m looking forward for a new job in 2011. Wherever it maybe, I’m praying for a safe place and loving people.

2011 would be a year of great changes but whatever it takes, I’m willing to embrace it for God’s glory. 


Monday, November 22, 2010

Unexpected Tragedy

It was a very hot day. I went around the city to visit various government offices to request for documents. I even forgot to eat my lunch and most of the time I've been annoyed by the heat of the sun outside. I don't usually go out of my apartment if it's not going to be a very important appointment. After doing all my transactions outside, I went straight home. When I'm still inside the jeepney, I noticed that my phone's red light keeps on blinking. It is an indication that I've got messages. I just didn't mind it and decided to read it when I'm in the apartment already.

Then I reached my living room. Just like what I always do, I turned on the fan, the television and my laptop. I totally forgot to check my phone. I even kept myself busy by cooking something to eat first and had a cold shower. Then my phone beeped. I know it is not an SMS because I customized the ringtones of my messenger notifications. I know it is a message from my yahoo messenger. I then become curious who's sending me a message then. I checked my phone and found out that it's my cousin. Actually it's my aunt, she's just using my cousin's account. She wants to call me in the messenger but I can't answer her because my headset is not working well. So I just asked her what seems to be the problem. I can sense that she wanted to tell me something serious. As I checked my other notifications, all of the SMS in the inbox came from her with a similar message if she can call me.

She then shared to me that an accident happened between a bus and a motorcycle on a way to our hometown. Then my heart beat fast upon reading it. She is not going to share it to me if no one in the family is involved. She then told me that the one riding the motorcycle is her boyfriend. We already considered her boyfriend as part of the family and they've been in the relationship for quite a long time already. I already considered him as my second uncle (my aunt is a widow and her husband died more than 10 years ago due to motor accident as well).

She said that my uncle is in a serious condition. He's currently in the hospital with two of his ribs fractured affecting vital organs. Several days passed and just this morning, I received an SMS from my mom that my uncle died.

This is such an unexpected tragedy. However, I'm more concerned on my aunt. I'm thinking of the possibility that what if they got married last year and this tragedy happened. That was their plan last year but then there has been several things to consider that's why the wedding didn't materialize. Even though my uncle didn't turn out to be my aunt's second husband, his role in my aunt's life is somewhat similar.

It has been surely entertained in my aunt's mind the similarity of events. She might be thinking right now that there could have been something wrong in her. Even though she's not saying it but the possibility of thinking it is very big.

Things happen for a reason and even tragic accidents have hidden purposes. I'm just hoping that my aunt could recover immediately in as much as my uncle's relatives will recover that fast as well. It is not easy to lose someone you love dearly but then again our life is just a borrowed one and anytime it will be taken from us during times that we least expect it. Value life all the time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Together Again!

It's been a long time since the gang has been together and finally yesterday we were able to pull a short meet up. Two of us are already working in Finland (CJ and Lucky). Unexpectedly, Lucky is having his short vacation in the Philippines just to make use of his accumulated number of leaves in work. I happen to know his surprise come back so I sent everyone an SMS for this longed gathering.

All those living in Digos City were able to come as well as from Mati, Davao Oriental (Jhepoy). Well, most of us are from the nearby provinces and having this kind of gathering is really hard to organize. However, since Lucky came from a far away country and his presence is truly important, attendance is must no matter what. For those having a pm shift (Bal), swapped it to night shift and those having AM shift (Mikai) ask for an early out. For the medicine student Yda, she cut her class in the afternoon :D. Maryvic, Won2 and me are jobless so we are free anytime.

We decided to have the meet up at SM City Davao and the fun and long talks started as it used to be. Updating each other with our lives and talking about fun experiences in the past has been always fun. We did it over lunch at Mandarin and after the sumptuous meal courtesy of Lucky, we roamed around the shopping mall and took pictures. Then we went to Gaisano Mall to have snacks and end up in VoyzOut KTV until 12 midnight. Truly one of the moments worth keeping. Until next time guys! I had fun indeed! Great thanks to Lucky! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

The LAST Events Of Today

It's been quite a while again that I haven't updated my blog. Basically because, as usual , I've been very busy. Today is October 29, 2010 and several LAST events will happen on this day. All of these last events are indeed very important as it defines a lot of changes in our lives afterwards.

To start the list, today is the LAST FRIDAY of the month. The last day of agony for those workers waiting for their salary in the month of October (workers who are having weekends as off days which includes IETLP Part Time Tutors). A hurray for that because it includes me!

Today is also the last day of my friend Sheng to suffer the fear of facing her speaking interviewer on her IELTS Test as today would be her exam day. She's been having this fear for so long and today it ends, finally. I wish to her good luck and may God bless her to provide her mind with numerous ideas on what to answer to her examiner. After this exam, it would then define her future in pursuing her New Zealand dream. I'm really hoping that she will get the best score that she needs.

Last event that would happen today and definitely not the least is that this would be my LAST DAY of WORK in IELTP (Intensive English Learning Tutorial Program). I posted my resignation letter a month ago in this blog and since November 1 is a holiday and we don't work on weekends so today is my last day. I owe a lot to this company as it has been the first company which invested their money for my skills and capabilities to teach the English language to their clients. I would truly miss my students wherein most of them stayed since  I started working here approximately 3 years ago. I would also miss the memories I shared with my friends who happened to be one those true friends I have in my life. Although I would still join the gang after their work, the laughter spent inside the office every after the 25 minute-class ends would be one of the funniest moments.

So much for it now, this day may have several last events but it's not the last day that I would stop living so I should get going now and start the things that I need to do. 'Til next time! :D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Enjoying Eden Nature Park For the First Time

You're reading it right! For the first time, I was able to enjoy the beauty of Eden Nature Park of Davao City. Funny though because I've been living here for almost 7 years yet not a single moment I was able to visit this heavenly place. If not because of the pre-birthday celebration of one of my friends, then up to this very moment my idea about the place would only be based on their site's description.

For all those photo freaks like me, the whole day won't be enough to capture all those awesome pictures. You might be thinking right now how many cameras I brought for this escapade but believe it not, I'm a photo freak who doesn't own any digital camera. All of my pictures were taken from my loving BlackBerry Bold 9700. I'm just thankful that it's 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus plus a little help of Photoshop was able to satisfy my happiness. Please bear all those blurry pictures because my phone's camera can't capture moving objects because it is not like other digital cameras that you can manipulate the shutter settings.

We only spent half day in the park yet I was able to drain by fully charged battery. Supposedly the group has planned being there early, but just like the usual Filipino time phenomenon, our 8am assembly time has become 11am. We decided to eat our lunch first and off we go. The park is located at the foot of Mount Talomo, Toril, Davao City. It is approximately 12 kilometers from Toril proper. If you're situated in the downtown area of the city, Toril is way southward and is approximately 30 minute ride by private car. If you don't own a car, you also get to the place by riding a jeepney up to Crossing Bayabas, Toril. From there you will ride a motorcycle going up to the park for 50-60 pesos. According to the official website of Eden, the whole park contains 100,000 pine trees spreading throughout the vast 80 hectares land area. For a detailed information of the park, you can visit their site.

The group decided to ride a jeepney going up to the park and the fun begins...

Upon arriving at the area...

The park's map...

A walk under the woods...

My encounter with nature...

Of course your Eden Nature Park adventure won't be complete if it's without an Indiana Jones experience. We had ours on video...

For four hours, I was able to relax from my very tiring week. I know the next time I could enjoy this thing would be not so soon. I couldn't load all the photos here and some of my candid moments in the park were captured in my friends' camera and they just can't upload it immediately because just like me, they are also very busy during weekdays.

My friends would definitely get mad at me if I'm not going to mention them here. You can check their faces in their Facebook accounts

Sheryl Madlangbayan
Marian Elaine Dasal 
Kreng Balilahon
Marc Olorvida
Sheiryl Bacsarsa
Giovanne Vallecera

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Waiting Things To Untangle

Just like the picture shown on the left, my October is definitely tangled. As you can observe, this post is my first post since I submitted my resignation letter. After I did such act, a lot of weird, confusing and mind bogging things has arrived. So much job opportunities and I don't know which one to accept. All of them are promising, and has been offering awesome chances to pursue my dream which is to work in a foreign country. All my documents are ready and all I have to do is to wait and to wait is torture.

Last Sunday, I attended a church service and somehow I was given an enlightenment on what to do. The pastor's sermon was all about prayer and how everyone badly needs it. The whole church offered prayer to my confused mind and until now I'm still waiting for the Lord's ultimate answer. I'm expecting the unexpected though.

What's clear on me now is that I'm waiting. Waiting for something good and something worth the wait. I can deeply feel that something spectacular awaits me. I know life is vague and no one could really tell on what lies ahead. I've done my part and now I'm facing the consequences that it brings.

When October ends, I hope the tangled things are somehow untangled, I'm looking forward to it and I'm excited. Life is full of surprises and I love surprises. I know this post is a bit confusing as I jump from one idea to another. This post is definitely tangled just like what's happening in my life now. I'm just thankful that I have all the support persons that I need to face life and the Lord above all.

If you've read this post until the end, kudos to you, you've got the patience and I'm sure you would be looking forward to my next post. Maybe you're of those people who are interested to follow my life and wanted to know what I'm up to. You can be a friend or an enemy who just want to be updated. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Passed My Resignation Letter: Sure Did!

I've been reflecting lately and I was able to find out that something has to be changed with what I'm doing. Something is not right and I guess I should solve it immediately. I haven't seen any growth with myself lately (obviously I'm not referring to my height because I've already accepted the fact that I can't grow any inch higher). Anyway, so much for the "emo" mode and let's get straight to the point. In a span of15 minutes, I was able to formulate my resignation letter. Obviously, I'm resigning from my job for real.

Maybe for others out there who has been dying to get a job, a resignation could be a mad thing to do. However, I want you all to know that it's a case to case basis. If you're not happy anymore with your current job and it seems that getting into the office everyday couldn't give you the satisfaction that you're looking for, then it's a different story. If your principles and beliefs in life is no longer inclined with the company's then something has to be stopped. Continuing with your work could either ruin you or the company per se.
I'm writing this post not just because I want to share what I'm feeling right now but might as well be giving idea to others out there what does a resignation letter might look like. Below is a snapshot of my very own resignation letter, in which I'll be giving later to my boss.

In writing a resignation letter you should take note of the following:

1. Get straight to the point in your resignation letter.
2. State your intention of resigning.
3. Mention your acceptance of another job offer if any.
4. Depending on your company's protocol, state the number of minimum days of notice before the effectiveness of your resignation.
5. If #3 exists, don't forget to mention that the new position you have accepted fits better with your personal preferences or career goals.
6. It should contain thanks to your employer for the opportunity to work for his/her organization.

I hope you've learned something from this post.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Diversely United

I went to one of the major malls in our city a while ago looking for something to eat. I was just bored staying in my apartment and facing the laptop at the same time glancing at the television. The mall is just few blocks away so getting there and stroll for a awhile is not that time consuming.
It has been my hobby lately to take a picture of every food that I'm eating because I do believe that I can relate a story to it and somehow share it here. The picture on the left is a chocolate marble sundae in Fiorgelato, an Italian ice cream stall in the mall. It looks so yummy and it comes in different colors due to its toppings.

I'm wondering how come these combination of different colors adds up the beauty of the ice cream. Diversely united as what the title says. They are diverse yet they are united that made the ice cream a head turner. If this sundae is just being served without the colorful toppings, then it will just be an ordinary ice cream out there. Same as if these toppings would be sold alone without the ice cream, surely it won't attract eaters.

Relating it to my group of friends now. We all came from a different world or society. Our field of expertise are diverse. We have different principles in life yet we are united with a certain friendship that we ourselves can't explain why. We come to know each other in one company though but sooner or later we would be all be parting ways and have our own lives. Whatever happens, I know that someday or somewhere, we would see each other again and by that time still united within our hearts.

I really don't know why I'm discussing such topic in here right now. Maybe because I can already foresee that one by one has been saying goodbye from the office and I know sooner or later, I would say goodbye too. To all my beloved friends in that particular office that I keep on talking in here, you know who you are, I hope we'll stay friends until we grow old and our children would also be building the same friendship that we have. Same also to my friends outside the office wherein some are outside the country already. I'm just thankful to the Lord that I was able to know you guys. You're all adding that color in my life.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Celebrating Chuseok Holiday

Chuseok holiday is a 3-day special event in South Korea. This year, the holiday falls on September 21-23. I'm writing something about this one now because we are enjoying this event by not having work. My part time job is being an English teacher to Koreans online that's why I'm affected by such event. Sad to say that we won't be having a pay for those days because primarily we are following Philippine holidays. I will not elaborate on that issue anymore because it has been fought and a lot of matters has been creating gap among members already just because of that issue.

Anyway, going back to the event. Chuseok is similar to our All Souls/Saints day celebration. During this time, Koreans pay tribute to their dead love ones and families would gather in their hometown for a somewhat reunion.
If you happen to observe the sumptuous food on the left then that would exactly be the food that they are serving during the event. It would be first offered and then prayed and then everyone would enjoy eating it afterwards.
The picture above is the Chuseok Rice Cake. It has been the traditional food that they are serving during the event. It is similar to our very own Puto but I think it is more sticky. According to one my students who happens to have a rice cake business, it comes in different flavors and the most expensive one is the Chestnut Flavor and the cheapest is the Rice Kernel. I'm not sure if he was able to translate the terms correctly though. Anyway, their table won't be complete if this food is not present.

Koreans highly honor this event and even those who are in different countries would really see to it that they can go home during this time. Even my Korean boss went to Korea just to celebrate it with his parents. Kids won't have classes in their schools and academies during this time but sad to say that this year, they attended a 25 minute class with our company because our boss told us to have a class on the 21st.

Last year, me and my friends was able to have a trip to Cebu City because the holiday started Friday until Sunday. However this year, the event fell on Tuesday until Thursday so we need to go back to work Friday which is very annoying.

So much for this pre Chuseok Holiday post because I primarily discussed what is the event all about. On my next post, I would be sharing to you what we did during our 2 days without work, without pay Chuseok Holiday. We gathered somewhere and we ate a very delicious dinner at a friend's place and a real chef cooked our food. More details would be on the next post along with the food's pictures.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Telephoniac and Cellphoniac

You're reading it right, it is not TELEPHONIC but it's TELEPHONIAC. It is yet another word that comes into my mind after my last post about being HALF MINDED. 

As usual, I would be giving my personal meaning to this out this world word again. Well, by merely looking at the picture on the left, you might probably know already what does it mean.  As what I have learned from my reviewer on my licensure review 3 years ago, if you happen to encounter a difficult English word (difficult in the sense that you don't know the meaning and not because you don't know how to read it) try to look for its root word. From then on, you will have a hint on its definition. 

As to the case of the word TELEPHONIAC, it is pretty obvious that the root word is TELEPHONE and suffix NIAC from the word MANIAC. I know exactly what comes into your mind upon reading the last italicized word I've written. Well, according to WordWeb, MANIAC is a noun pertaining to a person who has an obsession with or excessive enthusiasm for something. Relating it to the word TELEPHONE, then TELEPHONIAC would mean a noun pertaining to a person who has an obsession with TELEPHONE.

A busy secretary answering several phone calls inside a very busy office can be described as TELEPHONIAC or if a person happens to collect different designs of telephones and even makes a separate room for it in his/her house can also called TELEPHONIAC

Technology has emerged nowadays and obviously you can't carry along TELEPHONE wherever you go because of the cord of course, might as well have the word CELLPHONIAC. Almost everyone owns a cellphone and with all the brands competing in the market presenting upgrades one after the other, there is this person who has been changing cellphones almost every week. Then that person can be called CELLPHONIAC

Makers of Webster and Oxford dictionaries might as well include these words in their list from now on so that I can use it whenever I play scrabble or Word Factory. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sad To Say GoodBye

Everything has its end as they say. It could have been the saddest thing that could ever happen in one's life. If  someone's saying goodbye, you can really can't help yourself from crying especially if you're saying it to someone or something very special. 

Look at the picture on the left, he's crying because he's leaving the company. The company wherein he was able to know a lot amazing friends. The poster on his left is a compilation of messages from his friends in the company printed in a small tarpaulin for him to bring along. 

It is such a sad picture though, but it happens in reality. Sooner or later, someone's gonna say goodbye. Although it is not yet sure when, but definitely that person is saying goodbye. It could be me or a person close to me. However, saying goodbye doesn't always mean it is already the end of everything. Surely, in time, somewhere down the road we'll see each other again. 

Just like the person in the picture, although we don't see him ever night in the office anymore just like before, there are times that he could make it to our petty gatherings after work. I'm hoping that this person is doing well now, especially that he's going to be a great dad in the world. 

I don't know how to end this post it's just that deep inside my heart, I know someone's gonna say goodbye and it hurts.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Half Minded

You might be wondering why I used such title. It simply means that right now I'm half minded. The picture on the left is just an illustration of something half. That picture was captured yesterday while I'm having my afternoon snack. It is a chocolate filled biscuit dipped into my self-made hot chocolate. 

Going back to being half minded, as to my personal interpretation of this statement, I would associate it to having second thoughts. However, I'm not sure about it. I searched over Google to know if this particular statement really exists and if I can use it appropriately when I'm thinking twice. 

As I click and click my mouse for its meaning, boredom just caught me because no site could tell me its meaning. Maybe because this statement doesn't really exist in the world of statements, still I'm not sure. Dictionary.com listed only "to have HALF A MIND" but not really HALF MINDED. 

Well, I just can't stay long to look for its meaning. The statement doesn't sound grammatically wrong after all not unless a critical grammarian would be hearing it from me and will say it doesn't exist. If you happen to hear me saying "I'm half minded right now", then it would mean I'm not sure on what to decide yet. 

If a great grammarian would happen to stumble in my lowly blog and read this, I badly need a word from you. Just feel free to give your comments about this statement.

Don't Waste Your Time Staring, Do Something! Start Blogging

Have you felt lately that you've wasted so much time? Well, you're not alone. I myself felt it too. I've been doing a lot of nonsense things lately which I know, won't do me any good. 

One perfect example is oversleeping. I just don't know why I can't control myself from oversleeping. It's not that I'm super tired from work but maybe because I keep on staring the television for nonsense shows. I can't even update this blog because of it.

Lately I realized that I should change my daily schedule and make the most of my time. I should be allotting time for exercise, proper eating time, prayer and most of all blogging. The latter just allow me to express myself better and at the same time I know it would lead me to something good. 

Aside from having a channel of emotions, blogging is also one way of having extra income online. I've been inspired by one of my friends who was able to buy numerous expensive gadgets just because of blogging. Now, I've a got something to waste my time with and it is figuring out how to make money by just blogging.

First thing that you should do is to have a blog. I can recommend blogspot.com for free blogs as a start. Then beautify your blog by discovering the blogging tools. If you're having a hard time figuring things out, you can always Google everything. There has been a lot of tutorials published for newbie bloggers nowadays. I tell you, it feels so great if you can figure it out yourself. As to what topic are you going to put in your blog, learn to know what you want first so that you can relate to it as much as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Don't just waste your time staring, do something, start blogging.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Awesome Monthsary Gifts

Isn't it nice? This has been the monthsary gift of my friend's boyfriend to her when they celebrated their 6th monthsary as lovers. My friend is such a footwear addict and she just can't resist not to buy a pair every payday. Her boyfriend just gave her 6 pairs of footwear and this would simply mean that she could spare herself from buying herself a new pair for 3 months. 

Every pair of lovers has their own way of celebrating their relationship. Some prefer to celebrate it every year while others every month. They often spoil themselves by giving each other special gifts and just spend the day together in a special date.

Here are some of the anniversary and monthsary gift ideas that you could have:

1. Flowers (Every lady just love it)
2. Clothes (Just make sure you know each others sizes)
3. Shoes (Let your GF choose and fit it then surprise her that you're buying it before leaving the store)
4. Jewelry (A ring symbolizes unending love)
5. Greeting Card (make it personalized as possible)
6. Gadget (For the ladies, just make sure it won't replace you in your boyfriend's life)
7. All expense-paid trip (out of the country would be awesome)
8. Dinner (You do the cooking of course)
9. Amusement Park Getaway (Try to win a stuff toy for your girl)
10. Adventure Trips (Ziplining, Diving, Wakeboarding and Zorbs are just awesome)
11. Date under the stars (Spend a quality time talking with each other while lying in a open ground watching the twinkling stars)

Celebrating anniversaries and monthsaries are just ways of giving thanks that up to that particular time they are still together. The relationship just lasted and a lot of challenges has been surpassed. Aside from having those material gifts, couples should be giving their lasting love and respect with each other as they face life.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Way I Share My Pictures

It's pretty obvious that I haven't posted anything for quite some time. It's not that I haven't captured any nice pictures lately but I've been hooked to a newly discovered photo sharing site called Piclyf. Most of my recently captured pictures were uploaded in my Piclyf profile.
The photo sharing site allows you to link your uploaded pictures to your social networking sites such Facebook, Twitter as well as Flickr and Plurk. Badges are being given too and users are being ranked. Taking pictures nowadays has become a hobby to a lot of people especially that fine cameras already exists. Capturing moments in your life could be very rewarding in the future. You can never turn back time as they say but you can always look back through your nicely captured pictures.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tastes Like Heaven; Smells Like Hell

The fruit that marks Davao City. It is called Durian. August is the Kadayawan month wherein DavaoeƱos are giving thanks for the year's good harvest. It is also the time wherein Durian fruit would be flooding in the city. Some people just don't like it, maybe because of the smell but once you've tried it, you'll never stop eating it. Happy Kadayawan!

Durian has the scientific name of Durio zibethinus. It popularly grows in cities of southern part Mindanao, Philippines such as Davao City and Tagum City. The meat of the fruit is being enclosed with a thick and sharp peeling. Durian farm owners often tie the fruit to its branch as it reach harvest period for the safety of by passers and farm workers. When this fruit hits you, it's a sure thing that you be in a serious situation.

During the Kadayawan Festival in Davao City during the month of August, this fruit is really in abundance. It can be purchased for a slow as 20php/kilogram. People would love to it by the street during the festival. I comes in different varieties and among the popular ones are Native, Chanee, Cob, Aransilio and a lot more.

Hypertensive people are not advised to eat too much of this fruit because it could really increase blood pressure. Local beliefs are spreading recently that this fruit could increase platelet count. A solution for those suffering dengue. However, this belief has not been proven yet medical experts.


Monday, July 19, 2010

My KeyChain Collection

I got some of these keychains from my friends. I do believe that having a keychain of a certain place you’ve visited is a mark of your travel. For those given ones, I would be visiting those places in the future. For those special key chains included, they are just special that’s why they’re included.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My BlackBerry Bold 9700

To be honest, with the work that I have right now, I really can’t afford this phone but it was such a blessing that it has reached my hand in the most unexpected way.

Me and my friend had an agreement before that once I reached my 5,000th article in his websites, then I will have a prize. I didn’t notice the time and to be honest I don’t think I already reached it but he said I did so I got this phone as the prize. So unexpected! Is it? It was just right in time because I’m celebrating my birthday when it was given. To my friend, you are AWESOME!

Anyway, I just want to share a brief description of this phone. BlackBerry Bold 9700 (codenamed “Onyx”) is a high-end mobile phone data device (smartphone) developed by Research In Motion. It runs using Blackberry OS Its length is 109 mm, width of 60 mm and thickness of 14.1 mm. It comes with an Optical Trackpad, 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash and 480 x 360 pixel color Half VGA resolution display.

So much for the technical description! Well, all I can say is that this phone allows me to be online 24/7, update all my social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare with ease (provided that you’ve activated your BIS). That is so cool! Supposedly the phone is a Blackberry Bold 9700 Executive Edition (Bold 9700 White) but then we encountered BIS activation problems on the unit so we decided to have it replaced with the black one.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stuck In The Province

I'm supposed to wake up early today, but it didn't happen. Wake up early and vote early, that was my main goal today. Sad to say, I slept late and obviously, I woke up late.

I thought the election process would be that fast, but it wasn't. I arrived in the precinct at around11:30 am and guess what, my priority number is 503, men! When I checked my precinct and asked the person near the door on what number are they serving now, he said "345 nice", he knows my name? how come? i don't know him? Men! that would be ages away from my number. I decided to go home and ate lunch. I surf the net for a while to check some emails and headed back to my election precinct. When I arrived there, I then asked the person near the door for the number, it's a lady this time, again she knows my name, "407 nice". That would be less than a hundred people before me. I decided to wait patiently.

Suddenly, a person came to me. I then recognized her to be one of my schoolmates in college. She asked for my precinct number. "it's 10A, y?" I replied. She immediately told me something very helpful, she said that there's no need for me to wait for my number to be called, ill just position myself near the door and tell the election officer that my precinct is 10A and he would let me in. hmmmm... intriguing... why not give it a try. I did what she told me. Whoah! the election officer recognized me. "What's your precinct number nice?" he said. Honestly I don't know him. I told him it's 10A. Immediately, he let me in and guided me where to go. No sweat!

After careful thinking and shading, I finally endured the voting process and casted my very precious vote. I then had my ballot feed inside the PCOS machine. CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR VOTE HAS BEEN COUNTED. I had my finger marked with indelible ink then.

Im so happy, it's still 2:59 in the afternoon and I could still go back to the city. It's still very early so I decided to go online and post my voting success. I didn't notice the time, it's already 3:30pm. I hurried up and fix my things. When I arrived in the bus station, a lot of passengers are there waiting. One of the passengers told me that have been for 2 hours already yet no bus came. What?!! this can't be. I need to go back to the city. I have a lot of things to do! men! I waited for about an hour and 30 minutes. A bus coming for the city arrived and the conductor told us that the next trip for the city would early morning tomorrow. No choice! I went back home. In short, I'm stuck in the province. Though there's no problem in it, but I need to be online and update my online job, and the internet connection here in the province is making me sick. It's so so slow!

I just hope I could wake up early tomorrow, for sure I would be fighting over seats for the huge number passengers going back to the city. I truly hate standing in the bus. Wish me luck.

Precint No. 0010A - # 180

Today would be one of the important days in the Philippines. Filipinos of legal age will exercise their right to vote. I'm now in my hometown to vote.

There has been problems arising for this automated elections... scary! there has been doubts for this election to succeed. Philippine politics has been known to be very dirty and bloody. In fact, at the start of filing of the candidacy, there has been a fierce and merciless killing of numerous people in Maguindanao. It has been followed by various politics-related violence.

They told me that today's election won't take long because it is already computerized. Well, they are all wrong, everyone were not used to it since it is the first time for the Filipino voters to cast votes in an automated machine. The process is really, really slow. I arrived there at around 11:30am yet my priority number is already 503! Whew! I went back home to eat lunch and just returned there after several minutes. Good thing Precinct 10A has less voters and the election officer standing in front door controlling the traffic knows me! He recognized my face and my name and let me in (singit!) nyahahaha. At exactly 2:55 pm in my clock, I had successfully casted my vote.

We'll just pray that everything will turn out well. God Bless and Good Luck everyone!