The picturesque alpine resorts high above sea level, nestled in the stunning mountain ranges of Europe, aren’t just a skier’s Mecca.

Sweet Lie or Bitter Truth

If you're given a chance to choose in a situation which involves knowing a lie and truth, would you be happy to hear the sweetness of a lie or choose to get hurt as long as you're hearing the truth?

Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) a.k.a Traitor In Action

TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack is a sudden onset of a focal neurologic symptom and/or sign lasting less than 24 hours.

When You Played The Music

Your music is very nice, very nice. However, I don't know when will it stay nice.I don't know when will it stay as a music to my ears.

Zabadani Cafe In Layers and More

Zabadani Cafe offers Layered Coffee, Soda and Milk Tea and whole lot more. Great place, great food.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Evolution of Pain in Me

I should have applied the phrase "the lesser you know, the better". Now Im hurt, that's for sure. But after a few minutes of pondering, I came to realize that keeping myself in pain won't do me any good. Maybe a few hours ago I was just shocked and dismayed a little bit of what I discovered. Basically because it was quite a human instinct to base our own definition of RIGHT to other people. We tend to forget that we are unique individuals having our own capacity to think and decide.

You chose to be in that path and I hope youre happy with it. This pain Im feeling should be ignored and shook off immediately. Afterall, everything was cleared a long time ago. That painful time when everything was revealed yet the choice was still not in my favor. 

Maybe we are meant to be this way. I should be thankful that our communication is still open and I know that youre just a messenger away, just like the old times.

Im still your friend and will forever be. :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Must Have Cheap Evening Dresses

These holidays, parties are everywhere. You might be receiving invitations to a party here and there. For sure, you are getting giddy and excited. At the same time, you might be anxious as to what you should wear to each party. After all, you would not dare to wear the same dress twice, right? I feel you! This is my dilemma each and every holiday. 

Lucky for me, I have come across a great online shop that sells trendy and stylish pieces at vary affordable prices-- DressFirst. This is the perfect answer to our holiday problems! Here are some of the most stylish from this online shop: 

  • Empire Sweetheart Floor-Length Chiffon Evening Dress With Ruffle

This stunning piece is sold at a very affordable price of 124.99USD. That's a big win considering the fact that this is made out of a high-quality chiffon fabric. This pearl pink strapless dress is very feminine and will make your features look a lot softer. The floor length style will certainly make you look like a goddess. Plus, the design is perfect for all seasons— Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. For holiday parties, you can just buy a wrap to keep you warm. 

  • A-Line/Princess V-neck Sweep Train Chiffon Charmeuse Lace Evening Dress With Ruffle Beading Flower(s)  
 The first time I saw this piece of art, I am in awe as to how elegant it looks. This dress features a sweep train which will make you feel like a princess. Although this looks really majestic, it is not too extravagant. The V-neck will make your neck look swan-like. On the other hand, the embellishment and the fabrics used make it more elegant. This eye catching piece is available at a price of 163.99 USD.

  • Sheath V-neck Floor-Length Chiffon Evening Dress With Ruffle Beading 
 At a price of 152.99USD, you can be able to buy this dress which exudes simple elegance. The beading embellishments makes the dress look more elegant and stylish. The dark navy color is quite perfect for the holidays. It is the perfect balance between sexy and elegant.

DressFirst offers all these stylish yet cheap evening dresses for you to wear during this holiday season! -niceurdaneta-