Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stuck In The Province

I'm supposed to wake up early today, but it didn't happen. Wake up early and vote early, that was my main goal today. Sad to say, I slept late and obviously, I woke up late.

I thought the election process would be that fast, but it wasn't. I arrived in the precinct at around11:30 am and guess what, my priority number is 503, men! When I checked my precinct and asked the person near the door on what number are they serving now, he said "345 nice", he knows my name? how come? i don't know him? Men! that would be ages away from my number. I decided to go home and ate lunch. I surf the net for a while to check some emails and headed back to my election precinct. When I arrived there, I then asked the person near the door for the number, it's a lady this time, again she knows my name, "407 nice". That would be less than a hundred people before me. I decided to wait patiently.

Suddenly, a person came to me. I then recognized her to be one of my schoolmates in college. She asked for my precinct number. "it's 10A, y?" I replied. She immediately told me something very helpful, she said that there's no need for me to wait for my number to be called, ill just position myself near the door and tell the election officer that my precinct is 10A and he would let me in. hmmmm... intriguing... why not give it a try. I did what she told me. Whoah! the election officer recognized me. "What's your precinct number nice?" he said. Honestly I don't know him. I told him it's 10A. Immediately, he let me in and guided me where to go. No sweat!

After careful thinking and shading, I finally endured the voting process and casted my very precious vote. I then had my ballot feed inside the PCOS machine. CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR VOTE HAS BEEN COUNTED. I had my finger marked with indelible ink then.

Im so happy, it's still 2:59 in the afternoon and I could still go back to the city. It's still very early so I decided to go online and post my voting success. I didn't notice the time, it's already 3:30pm. I hurried up and fix my things. When I arrived in the bus station, a lot of passengers are there waiting. One of the passengers told me that have been for 2 hours already yet no bus came. What?!! this can't be. I need to go back to the city. I have a lot of things to do! men! I waited for about an hour and 30 minutes. A bus coming for the city arrived and the conductor told us that the next trip for the city would early morning tomorrow. No choice! I went back home. In short, I'm stuck in the province. Though there's no problem in it, but I need to be online and update my online job, and the internet connection here in the province is making me sick. It's so so slow!

I just hope I could wake up early tomorrow, for sure I would be fighting over seats for the huge number passengers going back to the city. I truly hate standing in the bus. Wish me luck.