Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tastes Like Heaven; Smells Like Hell

The fruit that marks Davao City. It is called Durian. August is the Kadayawan month wherein Davaoeños are giving thanks for the year's good harvest. It is also the time wherein Durian fruit would be flooding in the city. Some people just don't like it, maybe because of the smell but once you've tried it, you'll never stop eating it. Happy Kadayawan!

Durian has the scientific name of Durio zibethinus. It popularly grows in cities of southern part Mindanao, Philippines such as Davao City and Tagum City. The meat of the fruit is being enclosed with a thick and sharp peeling. Durian farm owners often tie the fruit to its branch as it reach harvest period for the safety of by passers and farm workers. When this fruit hits you, it's a sure thing that you be in a serious situation.

During the Kadayawan Festival in Davao City during the month of August, this fruit is really in abundance. It can be purchased for a slow as 20php/kilogram. People would love to it by the street during the festival. I comes in different varieties and among the popular ones are Native, Chanee, Cob, Aransilio and a lot more.

Hypertensive people are not advised to eat too much of this fruit because it could really increase blood pressure. Local beliefs are spreading recently that this fruit could increase platelet count. A solution for those suffering dengue. However, this belief has not been proven yet medical experts.