Saturday, September 3, 2011

Living The Life Of A Techy

Techy people often have their gadgets with them 24/7. They just can't resist a single hour without these things. A common gadget among these people is a computer, may it be a desktop, laptop or a notebook perhaps. They just differ in brands but nevertheless, this gadget is of great help to them. They would play their favorite games in here, edit their pictures, download their songs and movies and a whole lot more.

Techy people could bring out the computer's best potential in their techy life if it has an internet connection. If they don't stay at home with their dial-up, dsl or broadband connection, you often see them staying in hot spots (WiFi) areas like coffee shops and some restaurants just to be online. Being online allows a techy person to keep up with the latest trends in technology or anything new in this world depending on what interests them most. They can also shop their gadgets through online shopping which often give them great deals.

Another gadget that a techy person would probably have is a gaming console. Xbox, PlayStation and the like. I can't write something about it because I'm simply not into it. Then we have music players. I often see them having iPods in their pockets with headsets in their ears while facing their laptops. They are music lover techies.

Next up would be cameras. Digital Slr's are very popular nowadays and techies often use it to capture the beauty of their newly acquired gadgets, important moments and a lot more. You often see these photography-lover techies on every festivals, blogging events or simply outside taking pictures. They also have their own photo blogs where they showcase their best pictures taken.

Lastly, a techie would always have a fine cellphone. Smartphones are the most popular ones which allow these techies to be online wherever they go. With today's latest technology, these smartphones can already have those things mentioned above in one. It can be used for browsing the internet, take pictures play games and listen to music.

If you're a techy person and reading this, I bet you're smiling right now and at the back of your mind you're saying, "Definitely True!". I'm a true-blooded techy too. I have my mp3's headset in my ears right now playing my favorite music while I'm facing my laptop with 30 tabs opened in my browser. My smartphone is also attached in my laptop which is on the process of syncing my latest pictures taken from a street festival that I attended few weeks ago.

iPod Shuffle (3rd Gen), Smart Bro Modem and NEO Basic 1340N, Blackberry Bold 9700. If I have these things, then you can leave me alone. All I need is a fine camera. -niceurdaneta-


Shirgie Scf said...

I do agree!!!...I know somebody who is exactly doing the things you mentioned here, it's not me of course. And one more thing, being techie is expensive.

Nice Urdaneta said...

you're right there, it is expensive especially that every now and then you'll upgrade the gadgets that you have... thanks for dropping by... ^__^