Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Place to do Rafting in Canada

White water rafting or simply rafting is a stimulating outdoor activity for recreation which is conducted with the help of an inflatable raft for the purpose of navigating one’s way in a river or water body. For increased thrill and excitement, rafting can be conducted in varying degrees of rough water. This can be termed as a leisure sport as long as one does not choose a setting which is more than what one can handle. Canada is a paradise for rafting lovers. This beautiful country has some of the most beautiful rivers in North America. In order to truly experience the power and thrill of rafting in Canada’s rivers you will need to get wet. Rafting in Canada is a great way of feeling your adrenaline pumping.

When it comes to the best place to do rafting in Canada, you will not find one synonymous answer from people because there are so many rivers in Canada that are perfect for rafting. Therefore you can try your hand at rafting in any one or all of the rivers. Kicking Horse River is one of the best places to go for rafting in Canada. Located in the Canadian Rockies, this river provides the ultimate thrill of rafting. You will be able to go for rafting tours here where you will be given the right equipment and also training. In addition to the thrilling rafting experience one can also observe the beautiful scenery and towering canyon walls. 

If you are in East Canada then you should head over to Kipawa River. The good thing about this river is that it is Canada’s best intermediate whitewater river with an impressive length of sixteen kilometers. You are bound to feel the power when you step into your dinghy and start paddling. The adrenaline rush which one experiences when rafting in this river is unsurpassable and the cost of rafting here is just USD 100, which isn’t a lot. Therefore true rafting lovers really do not mind flying all the way to Canada to experience rafting in Kipawa River. After all, they would also get air miles in Canada for this connection!

Want to go for a rafting experience with a superb view? In that case Fraser River would be just right for you. You will be able to spot Mount Robson (the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies) here when you are rafting. The scenery is breathtaking, the water is perfect for rafting and the cost for rafting is also low, no wonder people get tempted to fly to Canada for the purpose of rafting.