Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Strange Puzzling Dream

Dreams are considered to be a fantasy world wherein our unconscious desires are seen. To others, they serve as a sign of what might happen in the future, while for some a look back to a forgotten past. Sometimes they are strange while there are times that they bring so much happiness. 

Before I go to sleep at this moment, let me share to you my dream last night. It was somewhat puzzling and after I woke up, I felt a feeling of combined happiness and confusion. If it is a reflection of our unconscious world, that dream could have been the result of my unconscious reaction to what the fortune teller told me that day (it has been our yearly habit among my closest friends to see a fortune teller on the first Tuesday of the year).

In my dream, I was in a big choco-drink event wherein all sectors of the community are present. My friend who happened to be the events coordinator of the choco company invited all of us to attend. The event clearly happened in Davao City. A group of young adults from Manila are invited to cover it. They were composed of photographers, bloggers and even news writers. I happen to know one of the photographers so when I learned that they are covering, I then looked for him. On my way to their booth, I saw a pretty girl at about my height carrying a clipboard. Upon seeing her, I was tachycardic (increased heartbeat) and I don't know why. I know the name of the girl but she doesn't know me. Then her companion called her. That confirmed her identity and that worsen my tachycardia. I left the place immediately, the feeling is so strange as if I want to cry.

Then I found myself going down the stair facade of a building heading to a large green ground. Someone waved his hand and later part I realized that the one waving is my photographer friend. While he's carrying his enormous DSLR, he told me to pose coz he's going to take a picture of my me. He kept on taking pictures when someone from my back hugged me. I wasn't able to see his face but I can immediately recognize him. He then whispered "Surprise!" I didn't turn my back, instead I asked him why he's here. He just replied  "I don't know, it's a surprise"

Not far from us, I then saw the pretty girl again, she's holding her clipboard very tight looking at us crying. I can feel that she's agonizing then someone approached her and they left. Then I was awaken by my phone's annoying alarm tone.

Such a strange dream. Up to this time, I can't imagine that that certain event will happen. It is not impossible though but the chances are very slim. It has a lot of meanings for sure and whatever it may be I'm not going to force myself to search for it. I'm just blogging it out.