Monday, March 28, 2011

100 Facts About Me

This has been trending in twitter lately and I just want to share it. Some of the things written here can be shocking but it's just the truth.

1. BB enthusiast
2. FB addict
3. Twitter Freak
4. Trying hard techy
5. Food muncher
6. Loves bangus belly
7. Kitikitext ako
8. Home buddy
9. Longganisa lover
10. Loves the beach but not the sea water
11. Not a breakfast eater
12. I don't eat spicy foods
13. I prefer soft boiled egg
14. I have allergic rhinitis
15. I love listening to music but not singing
16. My BB is my 3rd phone and the 1st decent one
17. I prefer strolling in the mall ALONE
18. I've read all the HP books first before I watched the movies
19. If I can't sleep before midnight, I won't get sleepy til 9am (insomiac)
20. I've got more than a hundred albums in FB
21. I tried to have my hair relaxed twice... Sad to say both weren't successful
22. Majority of my male friends are gay...
23. I love sleeping in the living room's couch
24. My favorite chicken part is the "thigh"
25. I can consume 1.5L coke alone!
26. I'm considering my BB as my Boyfriend
27. I belong to the elite group of left-handed individuals
28. I don't play any sport but I read news about them
29. I don't like touch screen phones
30. I dont like the smell of baguio beans
31. i cant sleep if my face is not covered
32. I dont know how to swim :(
33. My ultimate wish is to fly an aircraft
34. I'll choose corned beef over beef loaf!
35. I can't stand staying in an airconditioned room for long... :(
36. I'm not a sweet type of person
37. Bought only 1 nursing book wayback college years... Fundamentals of Nursing
38. I started using shoulder bags the time I reached college
39. I don't wear lipstick... Only lip gloss... :)
40. I never had extension of duties for my RLE... Good girl!
41. Half of my DR cases were bought... Bwahahaha!
42. I hate "know-it-all" people... :D
43. I prefer wearing shorts than jeans...
44. I fell in love twice... Take note "fell"
45. Pancit canton is my fav meal during times of scarcity of allowance... Hihihihi
46. I am Pro RH Bill
47. resigns when the company is abusing me...
48. is a multi-tasker
49. an only daughter but not an only child
50. I'm allergic to shrimp and squid but they're my favorite!

im half way there...

51. I scored 4028 in a snake 2 game in a Nokia 3310... filled the entire screen... my highest so far!
52. Once I don't like you, you'll definitely take extra effort to prove me wrong...
53. I don't like Ube and any other Ube flavored foods
54. My soysauce dip must have onions and tomatoes but i only eat the tomatoes
55. Im afraid of dogs
56. I dont eat corn
57. My favorite chocolate is kitkat
58. i got my first cellphone when i was 3rd yr HS, a two-liner Siemens which doesnt show pbook entries in messages :(
59. I wasnt able to vote any SK election
60. Im wearing my wristwatch even when i sleep
61. I hate paying taxes
62. I would enjoy watching a live basketball
63. I am willing to learn to love my special someone's hobby
64. Im not a nagger
65. Dont you dare lie to me coz i'll do everything to find the truth... your moves and words are in close monitoring
66. I'm more courageous when it's not a face to face situation
67. I'll choose carbonara over spaghetti...
68. I'll choose chicken joy over chicken mcdo
69. My least number of rice refills in an unli-rice resto is 2
70. I don't wear jewelry
71. I can roam around davao city riding a jeepney... Wahehehehe...
72. I'm into a person who can dance or sing... Or both...
73. I collect keychains of places I've been to... Or from friends who went abroad...
74. I polished my fingernails once! (Last V-day)
75. I love big bags...
76. I'm more into style than brand...
77. I love white roses...
78. I don't eat okra...
79. I'll choose the one who loves me than the one I love...
80. I bathe with warm water... Hehehe
81. I eat durian until supply lasts!
82. I don't eat citrus fruits... :D
83. You're a man to me if you can dare to wear pink!
84. I don't snore... None of my friends told me though...
85. I'm an ER nurse and will forever be... I missed the rush moments!
86. I want to transport a patient in an air ambulance!
87. I can go malling in a tshirt-shorts-slippers outfit!
88. I tried drinking 7 liters of mixed alcoholic drinks! With me left awake! All of them down! Wahahaha!
89. never tried hospitalization since 4yrs old...
90. I'm an IV therapist and the most gentle in starting a line to babies... Weeee!
91. I can solve the rubix cube in 10 minutes... (All colors!)
92. I want to marry an Italian or french (if given a chance)
93. I can be alone as long as I have my laptop, phone and an internet connection...
95. Now that I discovered #torrent, I wouldn't waste my money watching it in cinemas, except for those 3D ones... Hahaha
96. My best movie experience was when when I watched #eclipse with @sheng251_skie, @jayrmarquez and ?????? Hahahaha!
97. I tried defending a nursing case study with no copy of the manuscript coz the CI didn't want me to carry anything...
98. My best birthday was last year... @shupaolicious, @sheng251_skie, @LadyShamai and @kristalorizza know why!
99. I take a photo of my meal before I eat it...
100. I'm saving the best for last... I'm NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) wahahaha... Trust me it's a fact!