Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diversely United Forever

This is going to be the first time that I will be blogging about my ever dearest friends. They have the right to react on what i'm going to write in here but sad to say I can't edit it once I hit the publish button.

Four years ago, I happen to know these wonderful people in an English tutorial company. At that time, the only common among us is the ability to speak, write and teach English to Koreans in the most effective way. I'm pretty confident on that thing as we were among the tutors who got the most number of students that time. We entered the company carrying the extremes of our personalities. Up to this time, I just can't decipher the reason how come we were able to build this awesome friendship among us.

I would just be using nicknames as I describe them one by one in this post to maintain the value of confidentiality and for their safety as well as they will become prominent people in the future in their own fields (I'm pretty sure of it). The list is arranged is no particular order.

Lily Shengspher

The second tallest in the group. Among us, she is the most fashionable. She can wear any dress actually and it would always look good on her all the time. She is also the most generous in all aspects. May it be in food, time and most of all love. She initiates all our escapades and most of it are truly worth keeping. She is also the person in the group who tries to please everyone to the point of blaming the fault to herself. The latter is not a good attitude actually and she should minimize doing it. She is an independent woman, loving daughter and sister, great friend and most of all an endearing girl friend. My prayer for her is genuine happiness and may she be able to live happily ever after in good health and sound mind.

Akiko Yamashita

I guess I should say she's the toughest among us. Such a hardworking individual in the extent that she can manage to have 3 jobs in a day yet still wants to work more. She airs out her sentiments especially when it's about her work and rights. However, when things get serious, she will just shut up and rather not tell anyone what she's thinking. Among us, she is the one who can easily mingle with new people and most often open up conversations. Sad to say, she is the most forgetful person among us. If you're sending her sms, don't expect that she can reply immediately. Lucky for you if she's holding her phone, but if not, it will be read the next day. You should call her to reach her. Nevertheless, she is very dear to me. The gathering won't be the same if she's not present. She never missed one though. My prayer for her is genuine happiness and may she be able to live happily ever after in good health and sound mind.

Shinta Kilimanjaro

The youngest among us but I can say that she is the most terrible one. Don't you dare mess up with her or else you get to hear a long lecture in straight English. Despite her toughness, she is a sweet individual by heart especially to her real close friends. She is also a camera addict and can manage to strike a pose even though the shot is supposed to be candid. She calls herself "Bratinella", in short, she knows within herself that she is a brat and she is indeed a brat. However, she is very dear to me as well and since I don't have a little sister so I consider her to be one. My prayer for her is genuine happiness and may she be able to live happily ever after in good health and sound mind.

Theandish Seganya

She is my schoolmate way back college and we both belong to the nursing field. Most of the time, she is being described as a bubbly, tanned chick which is indeed true. When it comes to romantic relationships, she tends to give her all. I've seen her cried several times because of love-life related issues and I'm just happy that she's getting back on track this time. She is very dear to me also. Her laughter in every event that we were together adds up the positive energy of the entire scene. When you post something serious in your Facebook status, she is one of those who will comment first and will give a serious advice immediately. My prayer for her is genuine happiness and may she be able to live happily ever after in good health and sound mind.

Julia Angela Dauson

She is most often misinterpreted as a happy-go-lucky liberated chick. However, if you consider yourself as one of her true friends, then you wouldn't describe her that way. Julia is such a loving lady. When she's in-love, she is indeed in love. She is a person who is capable of adjusting in any field of work. In short she is a fast learner. She can dare to stand up against anyone when the issue involves her friends and family. Deep inside she is a fragile young lady who is also capable of getting hurt and I want to emphasize here and anywhere that she's not a b*tch in any way. Those who are integrating that awful word to her name don't really know the real Julia. My prayer for her is genuine happiness and may she be able to live happily ever after in good health and sound mind.

Paula Klum

She's the tallest in the group. At first, I can't really identify her true personality. In fact, my first impression upon seeing her in the workplace is that she is a person that I would be having a hard time dealing with. However, as time passed by, I can no longer use my first impression to describe her because she is totally the other way around. She is an intelligent young lady who has the potential to become a fine lawyer someday. She's knows her rights and responsibilities both legally and morally. My prayer for her is genuine happiness and may she be able to live happily ever after in good health and sound mind.

Janna Lee

She is the one whom I've known the longest. We went to the same College. We've met by accident in one of the school's overnight seminars and after a short chit-chat, we were able to find out that we came from the same hometown and we have a lot of common friends. Since then, the friendship just flourish amazingly. We joined the Korean tutorial company together when we were still having our review for our licensure exam. We do share a lot of problems and happiness in life. Because of that, I consider her not only as my best friend but also my dear sister. Sad thing she left the country the soonest time, but the distance didn't become a hindrance after all. We still update each other through instant messaging and emails. Now that she is in a foreign land, my prayer for her is to have genuine happiness and a happily lived life in good health and sound mind. I'm looking forward to see her and hug her tight.

Just imagine these people group together and in that particular gathering all you can feel is genuine happiness. The connection can't be explained. Maybe the reason behind is real friendship. We can have millions of friends but only few of them are true. I am 100% sure that these people won't forsake nor leave me in times of trouble and it is already proven and tested. We may not be together most of the time as we would be parting ways sooner or later, deep inside our hearts we would remain as friends until the end of time. As how I end each of their paragraphs, my prayer for them is genuine happiness and may we all be able to live happily ever after in good health and sound mind.



Unno Hiquiana said...

wow... blogger the rin si ate nice... galing!!! :D

Nice Urdaneta said...

@Unno - tagal naman... hehehe :D

chique said...

You really have dear friends.. I'm sure they love you more that how you love and appreciated them..

Sheryl M. said...

These girls are truly amazing. We definitely have different personalities, but we get along so well. I'm blessed to have them in my life and would forever thank God for such wonderful people. I wish each of them happiness and good health.

May God bless our friendship everyday--make it stronger as day passes by...

I look forward to the day when we all have gray hairs--having a picnic in a park as we catch up with the things that had happened to us when we ventured our dreams in separate roads-- I hope by that day we would all be there to share and listen to the respective stories in our lives.