Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Touchdown Syria; The Zabadani Cafe Experience

Who would have thought that a local resto would be able to fulfill one of my ultimate dreams. Such dream is to be in two places in one time. Zabadani Cafe it is, the place wherein you could experience the lavish food of Syria without even leaving the country nor the city.

Zabadani Cafe is located along the most accessible street of Davao City wherein almost all public utility jeepneys pass by. Getting there isn't going to be a problem at all. It is located along Ponciano Street at the back of the University of Mindanao Bolton Campus.

One of my friends in college mentioned this cafe to me 3 years ago but his directions on how to get into the place wasn't that clear so I just ignored it. It's just recently that I happen to see the face of that college friend in one of the photos of the cafe's Facebook group page

Then came 2010 when one of my officemates brought us there. That was the moment that I first tasted my favorite Beef Squares. 

It is just one of the sumptuous meals that they are serving. Here is a snapshot of their menu that I got from their Facebook Group Page.

Here are some of the photos of their food shared by the increasing number of Zabbers (Zabadani Cafe eaters, fans, enthusiasts) in the city.

  • Syrian Kebab (beef, fish, chicken)

  • Falafel (beef, fish,chicken) 


  • Bruschetta


  • Qatayef


  • Hot Tea (Teekanne)

  • Pita Shateerah

  • Layered Mochachino                                                                   


  • Layered Soda (strawberry apple) 


Add up the free wifi connection that they are offering as you indulge the above foods and the cozy ambiance that would really let you feel like you're eating in Syria.

The very cute Persian cat Ramadeey is also here!

What are you waiting for? Better visit Zabadani Cafe now!



jehzlau said...

wow! parang ang sarap2x kumain dito ah! :D

Nice O. Urdaneta said...

super sarap jan... Halal foods kasi Muslim yung owner... free wifi and sak-sak pa :D

Nice Urdaneta said...

thanks for the comment te pao... let's eat in Zabadani one of these days... hehehe

shupaolicious said...

erratum: I ALWAYS ENJOY...hahahahahah gutom na kasi ako eh...seeing all d syrian food pics here.....

shupaolicious said...

I love zabadani food:) i always enjoyed my dining experiences at that resto...super bait pa ni wadi(d owner):)

urdanetanice said...

where you from? if you're in the Philippines, please come and visit Davao City and eat in Zabadani Cafe...

eleanor aguilar said...

wow.. I love Persian food..

Nice Urdaneta said...

super sarap jan... Halal foods kasi Muslim yung owner... free wifi and sak-sak pa :D