Monday, May 14, 2012

Visiting Mati For The First Time - Day 2

As promised, here is my second day sharing of my awesome and first ever and definitely not my last Mati visit. If you were able to see the awesomeness of the city of Mati on my previous post, their awesomeness didn't end there. 

Waniban Island

Another famous spot in Mati that everyone has been talking about is the Waniban Island. In order to get there, you need to ride a motor bangka (small boat). The one that we had that can accommodate 5-10 passengers. For bigger groups, there were also bigger motor boats for them. It took us approximately 15 minutes to reach the beautiful island. 

Motor Bangka

There isn't any restaurant in the island nor electricity so you need to bring your own food before going there. You can bring your own mat for a picnic-like escapade and just pay the entrance fee of 35 pesos/head or spare yourself from paying it and just rent one of their cottages for 200 pesos. The clear waters was just so inviting but the heat of the sun was so painful. 

Much Effort For A Failed Jumpshot

Lefthanded Me

My friend KC didn't mind the heat and even brought one of her review booklets for her upcoming medicine licensure exam and continued reading while swimming. Such a brilliant idea to study isn't it? :) After few hours, our bangka returned to fetch us and brought us back to Jambay. 

Review For Med Licensure Exam

It's just so sad that my Mati visit would soon end. KC's cousin arrived in a short while and drove us to the city's transport terminal back to Davao City. My first ever Mati visit was indeed a blast. More than the awesome places, I enjoyed it much because I spent it with my dearest friends. I would definitely visit the place again.

The width strains against the failing hate. -niceurdaneta-