Friday, October 29, 2010

The LAST Events Of Today

It's been quite a while again that I haven't updated my blog. Basically because, as usual , I've been very busy. Today is October 29, 2010 and several LAST events will happen on this day. All of these last events are indeed very important as it defines a lot of changes in our lives afterwards.

To start the list, today is the LAST FRIDAY of the month. The last day of agony for those workers waiting for their salary in the month of October (workers who are having weekends as off days which includes IETLP Part Time Tutors). A hurray for that because it includes me!

Today is also the last day of my friend Sheng to suffer the fear of facing her speaking interviewer on her IELTS Test as today would be her exam day. She's been having this fear for so long and today it ends, finally. I wish to her good luck and may God bless her to provide her mind with numerous ideas on what to answer to her examiner. After this exam, it would then define her future in pursuing her New Zealand dream. I'm really hoping that she will get the best score that she needs.

Last event that would happen today and definitely not the least is that this would be my LAST DAY of WORK in IELTP (Intensive English Learning Tutorial Program). I posted my resignation letter a month ago in this blog and since November 1 is a holiday and we don't work on weekends so today is my last day. I owe a lot to this company as it has been the first company which invested their money for my skills and capabilities to teach the English language to their clients. I would truly miss my students wherein most of them stayed since  I started working here approximately 3 years ago. I would also miss the memories I shared with my friends who happened to be one those true friends I have in my life. Although I would still join the gang after their work, the laughter spent inside the office every after the 25 minute-class ends would be one of the funniest moments.

So much for it now, this day may have several last events but it's not the last day that I would stop living so I should get going now and start the things that I need to do. 'Til next time! :D