Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Together Again!

It's been a long time since the gang has been together and finally yesterday we were able to pull a short meet up. Two of us are already working in Finland (CJ and Lucky). Unexpectedly, Lucky is having his short vacation in the Philippines just to make use of his accumulated number of leaves in work. I happen to know his surprise come back so I sent everyone an SMS for this longed gathering.

All those living in Digos City were able to come as well as from Mati, Davao Oriental (Jhepoy). Well, most of us are from the nearby provinces and having this kind of gathering is really hard to organize. However, since Lucky came from a far away country and his presence is truly important, attendance is must no matter what. For those having a pm shift (Bal), swapped it to night shift and those having AM shift (Mikai) ask for an early out. For the medicine student Yda, she cut her class in the afternoon :D. Maryvic, Won2 and me are jobless so we are free anytime.

We decided to have the meet up at SM City Davao and the fun and long talks started as it used to be. Updating each other with our lives and talking about fun experiences in the past has been always fun. We did it over lunch at Mandarin and after the sumptuous meal courtesy of Lucky, we roamed around the shopping mall and took pictures. Then we went to Gaisano Mall to have snacks and end up in VoyzOut KTV until 12 midnight. Truly one of the moments worth keeping. Until next time guys! I had fun indeed! Great thanks to Lucky!