Monday, November 22, 2010

Unexpected Tragedy

It was a very hot day. I went around the city to visit various government offices to request for documents. I even forgot to eat my lunch and most of the time I've been annoyed by the heat of the sun outside. I don't usually go out of my apartment if it's not going to be a very important appointment. After doing all my transactions outside, I went straight home. When I'm still inside the jeepney, I noticed that my phone's red light keeps on blinking. It is an indication that I've got messages. I just didn't mind it and decided to read it when I'm in the apartment already.

Then I reached my living room. Just like what I always do, I turned on the fan, the television and my laptop. I totally forgot to check my phone. I even kept myself busy by cooking something to eat first and had a cold shower. Then my phone beeped. I know it is not an SMS because I customized the ringtones of my messenger notifications. I know it is a message from my yahoo messenger. I then become curious who's sending me a message then. I checked my phone and found out that it's my cousin. Actually it's my aunt, she's just using my cousin's account. She wants to call me in the messenger but I can't answer her because my headset is not working well. So I just asked her what seems to be the problem. I can sense that she wanted to tell me something serious. As I checked my other notifications, all of the SMS in the inbox came from her with a similar message if she can call me.

She then shared to me that an accident happened between a bus and a motorcycle on a way to our hometown. Then my heart beat fast upon reading it. She is not going to share it to me if no one in the family is involved. She then told me that the one riding the motorcycle is her boyfriend. We already considered her boyfriend as part of the family and they've been in the relationship for quite a long time already. I already considered him as my second uncle (my aunt is a widow and her husband died more than 10 years ago due to motor accident as well).

She said that my uncle is in a serious condition. He's currently in the hospital with two of his ribs fractured affecting vital organs. Several days passed and just this morning, I received an SMS from my mom that my uncle died.

This is such an unexpected tragedy. However, I'm more concerned on my aunt. I'm thinking of the possibility that what if they got married last year and this tragedy happened. That was their plan last year but then there has been several things to consider that's why the wedding didn't materialize. Even though my uncle didn't turn out to be my aunt's second husband, his role in my aunt's life is somewhat similar.

It has been surely entertained in my aunt's mind the similarity of events. She might be thinking right now that there could have been something wrong in her. Even though she's not saying it but the possibility of thinking it is very big.

Things happen for a reason and even tragic accidents have hidden purposes. I'm just hoping that my aunt could recover immediately in as much as my uncle's relatives will recover that fast as well. It is not easy to lose someone you love dearly but then again our life is just a borrowed one and anytime it will be taken from us during times that we least expect it. Value life all the time.