Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Three Smile-Keteers

Let me introduce to you the three smile-keteers, ^___^; ^^ and :)

  • ^___^ - a smiley that has been smiling amidst life's greatest problems. It makes sure that everyone around is happy. It has the capability to make everyone feel okay even though it isn't. I can say that among the three it is the most self-less smiley. This smiley is overwhelmingly intelligent but never admits it. It is a very helpful smiley too. On the context of faith, this smiley is somewhat on the rocks but with constant reminder and follow-up, this smiley can easily get back on track. I'm calling it BUBBLY SMILEY

  • ^^ - the smiley that I can rarely see. It's appearance is very precious. This smiley is very hard to please and got a strong personality. Intelligence is also outpouring in this smiley and it doesn't need to brag it because it shows in its words. It can stand long talks and will not allow you to win at any cost. A competitive strong willed and family oriented smiley. I'm calling it HARD-TO-PLEASE SMILEY

  • :) - among the three, this smiley is the oldest but still got the childish acts. Its intelligence is far beyond measure and among them, it the most mysterious. This smiley has strong religious conviction and living by its faith. I dont know that much of this smiley yet but there is this certain urge to get to know it more. I'm calling it MYSTERIOUS SMILEY

The three smile-keteers, BUBBLY; HARD-TO-PLEASE and MYSTERIOUS


Bubble Gang Pickup Lines said...

nice post po :) hehehe.. iba tlga yung feeling pag naka smile hehe ang kulet ng mga smile ng tatlo ai... iba iba pla mga kahulugan nun hehe.. Dropping here ^_^

Pwd po ba makisabit sa blog roll mo po? :)

Nice said...

Bubble Gang Pickup Lines - thank you sa pag daan... kakatuwa sila no?! hahaha sure! i'll include you in my blogroll ^___^