Saturday, September 18, 2010

Awesome Monthsary Gifts

Isn't it nice? This has been the monthsary gift of my friend's boyfriend to her when they celebrated their 6th monthsary as lovers. My friend is such a footwear addict and she just can't resist not to buy a pair every payday. Her boyfriend just gave her 6 pairs of footwear and this would simply mean that she could spare herself from buying herself a new pair for 3 months. 

Every pair of lovers has their own way of celebrating their relationship. Some prefer to celebrate it every year while others every month. They often spoil themselves by giving each other special gifts and just spend the day together in a special date.

Here are some of the anniversary and monthsary gift ideas that you could have:

1. Flowers (Every lady just love it)
2. Clothes (Just make sure you know each others sizes)
3. Shoes (Let your GF choose and fit it then surprise her that you're buying it before leaving the store)
4. Jewelry (A ring symbolizes unending love)
5. Greeting Card (make it personalized as possible)
6. Gadget (For the ladies, just make sure it won't replace you in your boyfriend's life)
7. All expense-paid trip (out of the country would be awesome)
8. Dinner (You do the cooking of course)
9. Amusement Park Getaway (Try to win a stuff toy for your girl)
10. Adventure Trips (Ziplining, Diving, Wakeboarding and Zorbs are just awesome)
11. Date under the stars (Spend a quality time talking with each other while lying in a open ground watching the twinkling stars)

Celebrating anniversaries and monthsaries are just ways of giving thanks that up to that particular time they are still together. The relationship just lasted and a lot of challenges has been surpassed. Aside from having those material gifts, couples should be giving their lasting love and respect with each other as they face life.