Sunday, September 26, 2010

Diversely United

I went to one of the major malls in our city a while ago looking for something to eat. I was just bored staying in my apartment and facing the laptop at the same time glancing at the television. The mall is just few blocks away so getting there and stroll for a awhile is not that time consuming.
It has been my hobby lately to take a picture of every food that I'm eating because I do believe that I can relate a story to it and somehow share it here. The picture on the left is a chocolate marble sundae in Fiorgelato, an Italian ice cream stall in the mall. It looks so yummy and it comes in different colors due to its toppings.

I'm wondering how come these combination of different colors adds up the beauty of the ice cream. Diversely united as what the title says. They are diverse yet they are united that made the ice cream a head turner. If this sundae is just being served without the colorful toppings, then it will just be an ordinary ice cream out there. Same as if these toppings would be sold alone without the ice cream, surely it won't attract eaters.

Relating it to my group of friends now. We all came from a different world or society. Our field of expertise are diverse. We have different principles in life yet we are united with a certain friendship that we ourselves can't explain why. We come to know each other in one company though but sooner or later we would be all be parting ways and have our own lives. Whatever happens, I know that someday or somewhere, we would see each other again and by that time still united within our hearts.

I really don't know why I'm discussing such topic in here right now. Maybe because I can already foresee that one by one has been saying goodbye from the office and I know sooner or later, I would say goodbye too. To all my beloved friends in that particular office that I keep on talking in here, you know who you are, I hope we'll stay friends until we grow old and our children would also be building the same friendship that we have. Same also to my friends outside the office wherein some are outside the country already. I'm just thankful to the Lord that I was able to know you guys. You're all adding that color in my life.