Sunday, September 19, 2010

Half Minded

You might be wondering why I used such title. It simply means that right now I'm half minded. The picture on the left is just an illustration of something half. That picture was captured yesterday while I'm having my afternoon snack. It is a chocolate filled biscuit dipped into my self-made hot chocolate. 

Going back to being half minded, as to my personal interpretation of this statement, I would associate it to having second thoughts. However, I'm not sure about it. I searched over Google to know if this particular statement really exists and if I can use it appropriately when I'm thinking twice. 

As I click and click my mouse for its meaning, boredom just caught me because no site could tell me its meaning. Maybe because this statement doesn't really exist in the world of statements, still I'm not sure. listed only "to have HALF A MIND" but not really HALF MINDED. 

Well, I just can't stay long to look for its meaning. The statement doesn't sound grammatically wrong after all not unless a critical grammarian would be hearing it from me and will say it doesn't exist. If you happen to hear me saying "I'm half minded right now", then it would mean I'm not sure on what to decide yet. 

If a great grammarian would happen to stumble in my lowly blog and read this, I badly need a word from you. Just feel free to give your comments about this statement.