Friday, August 5, 2011

The Essence of Checking, Re-Checking And Verifying

A stressful day indeed and I know just one thing to get rid of this pissed feeling, to blog it out. I'm sorry if I'm making the blogsphere my warehouse of sentiments and heartaches. It is just that the blogsphere is my only companion especially that I don't get a chance to talk to people that often because of my "24/7-all eyes-in front-of-the-laptop" work. Time for me is very precious, that's why going out of the house won't be made unless it is very necessary.

Now let's talk about what made me pissed off a while ago. Let's just say, I spared a lot of hours just to follow up something in one of our government offices and then I found out that because of their negligence, my precious time, money and career would be compromised. You wan't to know what is this government office that I'm talking about?

Well, i'm not going to name it directly but let's just say it is the part of the government that regulates anything about the professionals in the country. For those of you who are license holders like me, you better read further because what happened to me might be happening to you too in the future.

A month ago, I went to their office to request for an authentication of my Board Rating, Board Certificate and Professional License, DFA authentication to be specific. Since I'm living in Davao City and all DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) Authentication happens in their main office in Manila, they had this courier system that would let you receive your authenticated documents (red ribbon) right at your doorstep. Of course there would be an extra pay for it and the processing period lasts weeks. That's why I had it processed one month before the deadline that I set for myself.

Unfortunately, during that time, my renewed license didn't arrive yet (like duh! it takes 3-4months before it would be available). Instead, I only requested for a certification that my renewal is still on process. When I approached Window 2 and talked to their personnel, she told me that my CERTIFICATE OF RENEWAL UNDER PROCESS can't be "Red Ribboned" because DFA would only authenticate the license or the card per se. Well, if she says so, then I believe her. So she only processed my Board Rating and Board Certificate for "Red Ribbon". Thinking that I might be needing a certified true copy of my CERTIFICATE OF RENEWAL UNDER PROCESS, I requested for it on the same day. 

Then I went to the courier company and paid for my documents. I waited for weeks until I received a call from them that I have some parcel to pick up from their office. The parcel came from DFA. Curious and doubtful, I opened it and found out that it is a "Red Ribboned" CERTIFICATE OF RENEWAL UNDER PROCESS. How come? I thought it isn't possible. There's must be something wrong happened. Then I asked the courier personnel if there are still documents coming for me as I also requested for my BOARD RATING and BOARD Certificate. Sad to say, she said NONE! Hwhat???! How could it be? I presented to them my receipt and it stated there clearly that 2 documents were processed and how come only one came and the wrong one too. She advised me to go the government office where I processed everything and check what happened.

So I went there. Then I remembered that I had my CERTIFICATE OF RENEWAL UNDER PROCESS certified as true copy the last time I went there. I looked for my claim stub and got it from the claim section. When it was handed over, I almost freaked out upon seeing the documents. It isn't the CERTIFICATE OF RENEWAL UNDER PROCESS but the BOARD RATING and BOARD CERTIFICATE. Now it's as clear as the fresh water of Davao City. Their office passed the wrong document to the DFA and authenticated the wrong one! The lady on Window 2 even accused me of passing the wrong document. How dare her?! How will I be able to pass anything to the DFA wherein fact I only got claim stubs. It is clearly their fault and what happened is purely negligence. Then she told me to send AGAIN the documents to the DFA through the courier. Hey hey hey! Would that mean I would be paying again? That's unfair! Why would I pay for someone else's fault. I didn't agree to what she suggested. I told her that I want them to pay for the courier fees. It's their fault after all. They should have checked, re-checked and verified everything before they sent it. 

Actually, they didn't only waste my money but my precious time above all. Reprocessing the entire thing would take several weeks and those documents are very essential for my upcoming job. They could have ruined my precious career.

Good thing I was able to keep all my receipts and second copies. It pays to have evidences. That's all! Thank you for reading. 

PS: If it happens to you, don't just listen to them like children. Fight for your right.



Nice Urdaneta said...

oh? feeling ko nga mam nel I looked like a monster to them that day... hahaha. That would just serve them right...

Nelly said...

that's why you are soooo nice!