Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours and Washes Away My Internet Signal :(

I just don't know if there is any technical explanation to this but a lot has been saying that their internet signal weakens when it's raining. Well, it appears true to me. However, I do believe that the kind of internet connection that you have is also a great factor. As to my case, I'm using the very unstable broadband plug-it modem where users can have the maximum 2.00Mbps speed. Take note, it is not fixed, that is just the maximum speed that your plug-it could ever have. To be honest, I've never seen that 2.00Mbps figure in my plug-it's monitoring window ever since I had it.For a person like me who utilizes the internet 24/7 to earn a living, its speed is very important. I've been thinking of making my entire place a wifi area before but since I'm not living in my permanent residence and the possibility of transferring can happen anytime, I didn't pursue it. That's the very reason why I chose the post-paid plug-it modem so that wherever I go, I can have an internet connection.

Yes, I have the luxury of accessibility but I'm suffering the unstable signal and the very slow speed. There was even a time that both of my uploading and downloading rate are having the irritating 0.00 figures. I can't even have a decent video call in skype or in Yahoo Messenger (good thing I don't have a long distance relationship wherein a video call is a must LOL!). Anyway, at times likes that, I discovered one thing that could boost my internet connection. It was shared to me by my doctor friend and when I tried it myself, it works. He said that whenever you're buffering a Youtube video or any videos online like anime series episodes, your uploading and downloading rates will increase. That's why the first two spots in my 31-tab chrome window are occupied by and Youtube's longest video. 

Now going back to the topic that made me post this entry. Does the rain really affect the internet signal? I need some technical explanation about it because the country is already in its rainy season nowadays and I might be having a very slow internet connection most of the time. -niceurdaneta-


Nice Urdaneta said...

whoah! A big thanks to you... how can I reach you by the way? coz i'm very interested hehehe... :D Am I going to switch to DSL na? hahaha =)

Semidoppel said...

I can help you with that problem... if you are intersted you can contact me. I don't want to put the URLs here. Bka maging SPAM message ko