Monday, August 15, 2011

Letters For You; Getting To Know What Is This All About

The idea of having this portion in my blog started when I came across the blog of my friend Hencel. She had this one post entitled "A LETTER FOR MY EX-BOYFRIEND" and I find the post very appealing. She showed me a unique way of letting someone know what you truly feel without compromising the identity of the person. I guess having these posts will allow me to send messages to a person whom until now, I don't have the courage to tell my feelings face to face. 

We can't just simply share what we are feeling to our friends or love ones. There are instances that the only person whom we're comfortable to share it with, is our only self. Blogging is my other self and it has been my companion every time I'm online.

I know that all the posts in this portion of my blog can be viewed by anyone. But I'm pretty sure that only those who truly know me could ever understand its contents. And of course, if the reader is sensitive enough, he/she would be to know that he/she is the recipient of the letter.

Basically the posts on this portion of my blog would have the letter type format. It would start with "Dear You" and end with but not limited to LOVE/Sincerely yours/Respectfully Yours/Missing You, ME.

This is my way of reviving the snail mails that we used to have in the past. I find those things more sincere and heartfelt but due to the advancement of technology, these snail mails are rarely sent. Almost everyone have cellphones, laptops and internet connection these days and conveying messaging has never been difficult.

I hope the recipients of my letters would be able to read their mails. Rest assured that I won't be spilling any of their personal and private information in my posts. I'm just not sure how are they going to find it. They might be non-techy people but I guess it's alright because the main purpose of my letters is purely sharing my feelings in such a way that I believed to be the most sincere and heartfelt. I won't really care if that particular person would be able to discover my blog or this portion in particular. What matters to me is that somewhere in the world wide web, I was able to share my feelings.



Nice Urdaneta said...

tawa ka ng tawa jan... totoo naman ah... inspired talaga ako dun sa post mo na yun hency! hahaha

Hencellauren2010 said...


Nice Urdaneta said...

waaa... pwede mam nel pero since di ko naman letter yun lalagay ko name mo sa Signature

Nelly said...

aw gets na gets, can i write address to heaven? juz joking but i like your gutz and mind..keep on im behind u